Monday 4 December 2017

Messages to your children in the future: the TimeSpring app

Ever since having Sienna, I have taken a million photos and videos, kept notes of the little thing she's said or done in the hope that when she's older I'll still remember them and be able to share them with her. I have done the same with Aria... documented the pregnancy, her birth, those special days and moments, first holidays and even the mundane 'every day' moments and mess I just never want to forget.

Christmas always feels sentimental and each year they are older and it seems to go by so fast. It's holidays like this that I tend to capture so many more photos as I want to capture every moment and feeling. 

The main reason I have social media, my blog, YouTube and my camera constantly in my hand is because I'm always worried I will forget about these memories and the childhood they have. I often want to write her letters or tell her exactly how proud I am of her but feel she isn't old enough to really understand or value it yet. I recently found out about an app called TimeSpring that allows you to send time-released messages to family and friends to solve this problem for me.

 It was originally developed just for parents to send their children messages in the future, but friends, grandparents & all sorts of family members are enjoying it. Wether it be Grandparents sending messages years into the future to ensure their grandchildren always get birthday messages from them or people who are terminally ill wanting to ensure that their family and friends have messages from them when they're gone.

It works by simply creating an account, adding in your relatives details and then creating your messages and setting a date in the future for them to be sent out. For those too young to have an email address yet, you can still create the account and messages and just add in their email address when they finally have one in 10 or so years. 

As I started filling it in, writing notes about little photos and videos, it actually made me a bit emotional thinking back through all the memories. I feel like I have so much I want the girls to know and remember when they're older. I could easily spend hours going back through photos and creating these messages for them. 

When you think about what it is allowing, it's an incredible app and I am now a huge fan! 

If you'd like to find out more about TimeSpring then you can visit or download the app over on the AppStore or GooglePlay. Please note that this is a free app but charges apply for sending video messages.

*In collaboration with TimeSpring but all thoughts are honest and my own!

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