Friday, 1 December 2017

Learning about emotions with Aria #ad

With Aria being nearly 2, she is really at that age where she's starting to express emotion and doesn't always know how to handle it. She can sometimes lash out when she's angry or frustrated and has been known to pull her big sister's hair if she's got a toy Aria wants.

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We have been using a few different techniques to help her understand as I believe at this age, it is about them learning and you teaching rather than punishing. When My First Emotions got in touch to see if we wanted to review their product, I jumped at the chance as it seemed like the perfect thing to help us at this age.

"My First Emotions box has been developed by experts to help children learn to understand and manage emotions. Use play, stories and music to encourage nourishing emotional development and nurture a healthy, happy human. My First Emotions provides guidance based around six essential parenting skills, plus a range of multisensory, connected tools and activity ideas to help you bring emotions to life." - Taken from their website.

The box and detailing is absolutely amazing, it is complete with:

-Robbie the Rabbit puppet
-5 illustrated storybooks
-5 emotion toys
-30 story cards
-Songs and music
-An activity book
-A parent’s guide

The parents guide is so handy, it give you examples of how to deal with situations of emotion that might occur and how to valid your child's feeling which can be something we struggle with as adults. It also give you ideas on how to use the items in the box to really help you child understand the emotions.

Aria absolutely loves books and has just got to that stage where she pretend plays with her dolls, pretends they are crying or laughing etc so this box has been brilliant for us. We have noticed she is understanding more and more and we are able to valid her feelings better now we know what to do which is helping her process them better too.

The box is aimed for 0-3 year olds but even my 5 year old likes to join in with the books as she can sometimes still have trouble with her emotions. Overall, I think this box is amazing and I'd highly recommend it, it would even make such a nice gift for Christmas or birthday too. 

You can buy My First Emotions here and the are also on Amazon UK

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