Saturday, 30 December 2017

How I stay active as a busy Mum #ValueOfMovement #AD

 I am kicking off the new year by getting outdoors and moving as much as I can. We have spent a few weeks inside having a pretty lazy festive period but I am more than ready to get back into a good routine and start moving more and feeling better.

I've always been a fan of staying active even before I had the girls so I try my hardest to do whatever I can even when I'm busy. I always find new workout clothes great motivation, especially at the start of a new year. The ones I am wearing here are from Matalan's sportswear range, Souluxe. I have the Colour Block Sports Leggings and Perforated vest.  

The fit is really nice and they have a good amount of stretch too making them comfortable for moving in. I also love that they are anti bacterial and have the moisture wicking technology too.

 There are a few different ways I try to stay active as a busy mum, the main one being that we try to just get outside and move every day. My youngest is such an outdoorsy child so we are always walking the dog, feeding the ducks or playing in the park. 

When we are in the park, my aim is to get my movement in instead of just watching her play. I join in with everything I can.. swinging, pushing her on the roundabout or see-saw or climbing on the climbing wall while she either watches or entertains herself on the slide. All of this adds up and gets the blood pumping.

 I get so much out of moving more, not only do I psychically feel better but I find mentally I feel better too. Fresh air and movement is amazing for clearing the mind and lifting my mood.


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