Wednesday 8 November 2017

Our Christmas plans!

I feel like I spent all of September and October trying not to mention the 'C' word and now it's only about 6 weeks away! How did that happen!? This year has gone far too quickly for my liking!

Our Christmas plans are in full action and the girls stocking fillers have been bought, along with a few decorations and 'main' presents.. although I need to dig out my old decorations soon and actually what we really need to buy as opposed to what I just want to buy..! We're so excited for Christmas in our new house now we have more room and a separate dining room. I'm also excited now Aria is nearly 2 because she will be so into opening presents and joining in unlike Christmas last year!

I have also had some family members starting to ask for ideas on what to buy all of us for Christmas. This year I seem to have really got into wearing perfume and have already had 2 new fragrances this year. I always think even if I'm covered in the kids sticky finger prints & snotty noses, I can at least smell nice right?! ;) Warren has also ran out of aftershave so has some Boss Bottled on his list!

I feel like a fragrance is a good option for a gift, it's a lovely present that will last a while so isn't a waste of money and is something I rarely indulge in for myself. Fragrance Direct have a lovely little gifting edit if you're after any inspiration and they currently have a couple of deals on. Some fragrances even come with a free gift and the descriptions of the scents are spot on so it's fuss free choosing. My latest addition to my collection is the Chloe signature and I can highly recommend it!

We haven't actually planned who we are seeing when over Christmas yet.. we're not sure if we want to cook here and have everyone over or do something different. Although, I definitely need a dishwasher before we cook Christmas lunch for everyone.. I can't imagine that washing up!

What are your plans for Christmas? And what's on your wishlist?
*In collaboration with Fragrance Direct

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