Wednesday 18 October 2017

We have an office!

I haven't done many home updates on here since moving in, we've been so busy and especially this month since we are doing #vlogtober over on our YouTube channel

If you were watching our videos back in August, you know we had to move house as our landlord decided to sell the house we were in which was a bit unexpected. At the time we felt like it was one of the worst things that could have happened at that point and it was touch and go wether we were going to find anywhere in time but it actually seems like a blessing in disguise now. We are in a much nicer, brighter, bigger house and we have an office which is fab!

I think it really was a case of 'everything happens for a reason'. 

We really wanted an office as Warren works from home at least one day a week and I needed a space to do all of my blog/YouTube work and keep cameras and cables away from the girls. I'm so happy we finally have one. We were worried it would be a bit too small as it is the box room of the house but we have managed to fit a double desk and our office chairs in perfectly. We had a bit of a hard time choosing our chairs, there are so many styles and colours and we ordered some but then changed our mind. Furniture at Work have a great selection if you are finding it hard too! 

We have gone for a very modern, on trend marble and copper theme but only subtly. I'm so happy with it and I can't wait to use it more when Aria is in playgroup next year! If you want to see a more in depth room tour then check out my video tour below! 

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