Monday 9 October 2017

Pomelody kickstarter project #ad

Both our girls are very into music and sounds and have responded that way ever since being babies, or even inside my tummy! I remember once being pregnant with Sienna, watching the X-Factor and Sienna going crazy inside my tummy at the music.  

Even now, we often have dance parties at home or the music blaring in the car singing along and Aria loves 'Rhyme Time' at our local library every Friday morning. This is why when I heard about the Pomelody Kickstart project, I wanted to get involved.

This project is all about developing your child's natural musical potential from a young age. Pomelody describes itself as 'a comprehensive music education system for young children and their families' and says that to picture the idea, think of it as a combination of Netflix and Spotify. There is access to Pomelody Seasons launched quarterly and then each Season consists of 10 family music making classes, animated lectures with music theory and animated stories for kids. They also offer a unique Pomelody songs collection.

Pomelody don't just want to entertain children with their songs and music but rather 'nourish' them with music, they have ensured that every song has been carefully composed to cover a rich spectrum of music styles, tonality, beats and sound qualities. 

It can help benefit your child in many ways, including educational and emotional. Music can increase a child's IQ by 18%, help them learn a language and it helps their creativity flow. But it can also build a bond between families and be a way of communication and expressing themselves which is very important.

Pomelody was founded by people who passionately believe that music is an incredible medium, offering children all manner of benefits and I agree with that. They have composed their own music that is designed to bring genuine joy to children and helps to give them a more rounded development. Two years on from their initial vision, their music education system, Pomelody, is almost finalised and if you are interested in finding out even more and helping their project, please visit their kickstarter page here.

Does your child love music?

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