Sunday 1 October 2017

8 of the Best Apps in 2017

There are so many apps out there clamouring for attention that it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff sometimes. More often than not some random app will catch our eye, so we download it, use it for about five minutes, and then let it sit on our phone draining battery life for the next six months. However, there are some fantastic apps out there which you may not have come across, so let’s take a look at eight of the best for 2017.

Baby Monitor 3G

Becoming a new parent is an amazing but also a stressful experience, so anything which can ease that stress a little bit is a good thing. Baby Monitor 3G allows you to stream live video of your little guy or girl, and let’s you hear every murmur they make. It’s great for night-time use, but also a great way to check in if you are away or at work.

Sound Sleeper

Every parent knows what it’s like when your little angel just will not get off to sleep. It can be a wearing experience for all concerned, so here’s a fantastic little app that aims to provide a solution. Sound sleeper allows you to play a variety of soothing noises to try and get your baby snoozing, and also has a sleep tracking mode so you can see who they’re progressing.

Toddler Flashcards

This is a really fun little app which helps toddlers to learn the names of various animals, objects, foods, letters and numbers. There are 13 languages to choose from, and the app uses audio as well: both spoken words and animal sounds.

Tozzle Lite 

This is a cute little puzzle app for toddlers up to the age of 5. There are more than 40 puzzles to choose from, and it helps toddlers to recognise different shapes and numbers. The funny pictures and sound effects will keep them amused and entertained for ages.

We’re not only going to look at parenting apps here, so let’s point you in the direction of some kiddie free apps as well!


Ever looked at the starry night sky and wished you knew which star you were looking at? SkyView is a free app that gives you a road map to the stars and planets overhead, and there’s even a cool ‘time travel’ feature that lets you see how the same patch of sky would have looked in the past, or will look in the future.

Lottoland App

I guess we’ve all dreamed of winning the lottery at one time or another, or fantasized about what we’d do with a million pounds. Well this lottery app allows you to try your luck on real life lotteries from all over the world, as well as including a lot of cool games and scratchcards for good measure.

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is just about the best cookery app on the market. As well as a photo guide to take you through recipes step by step, there’s also excellent video guides as well as a way to synch your shopping lists with the recipes. You can save your favourite recipes and read great articles with inspiring new meal ideas.

Zombies, Run!

A really fun app to finish with, Zombies, Run is a way to make keeping fit into less of a chore and more of an adventure! Plug in your headphones to hear your mission, and when you hear those zombies coming up behind you: Run!

You can find these apps either at the App Store here if you are an Apple user, or else at the Google Play store here for Android users.

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