Tuesday 26 September 2017

Travel; where too next?

Over the past year and a bit, we have really started to enjoy travelling and seeing the world with the girls. Now Sienna is nearly 5, she loves exploring too and really takes in culture and other people's way of life and I hope Aria enjoys it as she gets older too. I didn't have the opportunity to travel when I was a child so never really had an interest in it. As soon as I became a mum, I felt like I caught the travel bug as who better to learn about the world and share your experiences with than your children?  I really want to be able to provide as many holidays and travel experiences for my girls as I can.

So far we have been to Portugal, Bordeaux and Paris which isn't a massive amount but considering they were all within one year along with a few UK Staycations isn't too bad! We have so many places on our bucket list to choose from. We have a couple of ideas for next year already but one place we have spoke about is New York. 

Warren has luckily already been once and I have never been, it really appeals to me at Christmas or October/Halloween. This would tie in with our anniversary next October which might be an idea...! I can just picture us walking around with hot coffee, bundled up in coats and scarves seeing all the sights and lights in the autumn/wintery dusk and buying everything with the word pumpkin on it ;)

Sienna also seems to take after me in the fact that I'm a big fan of anything American and I know she'd be so excited to go and experience 'American' life. New York can be quite pricey especially around the popular holiday seasons like Halloween or Christmas, but there are some great New York offers you can get if you look around and book early.

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