Wednesday 27 September 2017

The Mum-Made craft box - making the most of nap time! #ad

Now Sienna's at school and Aria is that little bit older, I feel I am getting more 'me-time'. Aria is getting good at occupying and playing by herself around the house, wether it be in the garden with water play or in her kitchen with her babies. It means I can get some chores done while she's awake so that nap time and evenings can be some 'free time' for me.

Mum-Made craft box

Last week, I received my first 'Mum-Made' box in the post which is the first craft box to be exclusively made for Mother's. This product was conceived and developed by the team behind ToucanBox.. a craft box subscription for kids that we are familiar with.

Mum-Made craft box

I really loved the idea of this as I find as an adult and mother, it can be quite daunting joining new groups or classes. This craft box gives you the chance to enjoy making and learning new skills in the comfort of our own home, when you find the time.

Mum-Made craft box

The idea behind the box is to create unique and stylish keepsakes for your baby which is something I always want to do yet never seem to get round too. This box is sent to your door with step by step instructions so now there is no excuse.

From mobiles, to garlands to night lights, the pieces are relatively easy to do yet do look lovely and are made of high quality materials so are something to treasure for years to come and maybe even pass down to grandchildren!

I really enjoyed trying something new and love the outcome, the night light is so lovely in the girls room! It's by no means perfect but it is personal and they seem to love it. There's no way I would have been able to make something like this without the Mum-Made box and helpful instructions so I'm really pleased and now a big fan.

You can buy each craft box separately or you can buy the whole collection which I think would be the perfect gift or Christmas present for someone who is expecting or has a baby already!

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