Thursday 7 September 2017

Summer holidays re-cap #ad

Every year I find the summer holidays more and more demanding as the girls get that little bit older and require more stimulation for their ever wandering minds. I feel like I found this one particularly hard. 

Sienna was too ready for school, asking a million questions a day and wanting to constantly learn or explore and Aria was following her around, desperate to copy her every move yet being just that little bit too young to do it all. 

Don't get me wrong, I love that they are curious and love exploring but it is definitely exhausting. Some days, I felt like it literally left me losing my hair and looking at a hair transplant cost ;)
But even though I found it tough and tiring, we made some lovely memories as a family so I thought it would be nice to re-cap and looking back through them!

We had a lovely sunny, hot holiday to France with Warren's family for his mums 60th birthday, the girls spent most of the time in the pool as they love it!

Later that month we went to Weymouth with my family for my dad's 50th and we had lots of fun at the beach, aquarium and on the jurassic skyline!

A muddy but marvellous day, we really want to go back next year and maybe brave camping?!

and not forgetting the Ultimate holiday surprise.. DISNEYLAND PARIS!

The most magical holiday.. we have have already looked to go back next year!

As well as these big holidays, we of course had some lovely day trips out. movie nights and simple play dates with friends.

How did you spend your summer holidays with the kids?
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