Monday 11 September 2017

Getting ready for your first baby #ad

I remember getting ready for our first baby, at that time we had no idea what we were in for with 'parenthood' and now all of a sudden she is turning 5 and starting primary school. 

Even though we are 5 years in and have a second who is 18 months old, I still wouldn't say we're experts, we're learning all the time. As our eldest gets another year older, we face another new challenge to negotiate. We thought we had the baby stage down with our first but then our second came along and threw it all out the window leaving us feeling a little lost.

I remember when I was pregnant the first time, I had no idea how to get ready for baby or what I needed. I was constantly asking my mum or mother-in-law for advice. The second time round I expected to be more comfortable with what needed but I remember acting questioning and over thinking things more.

One of my top tips is to try and not over think things, as hard as that is. Go with the flow and I personally think baby will slot in easier and build their own routine around you, instead of forcing them into a set routine because a book says thats how it should be. 

Another tip would be to accept that every baby is different and don't compare your baby to a friends or relatives. This goes for your pregnancy too actually.. everyone has different symptoms, shaped bumps and size babies.. 

If you are expecting your first baby, here is a brilliant New Baby Checklist that will help you. It has 36 essentials for expecting mums which I think is invaluable and can help put your mind to rest throughout your pregnancy and after the birth. It offers advice on what vitamins to take, books to read and what to buy. You can download the checklist and print it out, so you always have it to hand which I think is great. 

Have you seen the new baby checklist? Do you think it's helpful?

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