Monday 4 September 2017

Facts! One for every day #ad

Sienna is starting school so soon and being one of the older ones (she's 5 years old in November) she is so ready to go. I genuinely think if she'd have started last September she would have been absolutely fine! She is so excited and I think she really needs it as she loves learning and is forever asking questions, wanting to know more... some of which I can't answer.

We recently discovered this amazing book called Facts! One for everyday and Sienna has been so interested in it. It's educational but in a fun way and is something new for us to do together without her little sister.. her 'grown up' book as she says. Having a new fact each day keeps it interesting and fun rather than reading the same book over and over again. 

The facts are all educational in their own way, but vary from historic, such as learning Bejamin Franklin was born on 17th January 1706, to funny such as Ladybirds have poisonous knees! Sienna remembers this one every time and it makes her laugh.. I must admit I am learning most of these for the first time as well, so it's not only for kids ;)

It is amazing quality and the illustrations are absolutely beautiful. It would make a lovely gift and keepsake to hand down in years to come! If you have a child in the age bracket of around 4-8, this is one to add to the Christmas list!

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