Wednesday 20 September 2017

Disneyland Paris - My favourite family photos!

I took so many photos whilst in Disneyland Paris and I wanted to share some of them with you. There's a mixture from my camera and my phone as my battery kept dying from taking so many, so some of them aren't the best quality but I still love them for the memories. I didn't have time to take extra good photos as it was mainly snap and go, we had so much to fit in!

I've had to crop this one as there were so many people around and I also wish it had been a better sky in the background but I just love the joy on Aria's face here and this was the first we were there. She was in awe of everything!  

Getting Minnie's autograph.. we queued for just over an hour for this one but it was worth it if you see the pictures below!

Disneyland Paris with toddlers

 With Cinderella's carriage! I had to choose this one as one of my favourite as it's the only with me and both the girls in as Aria wasn't up for posing for photos with mummy this weekend. I'm glad we got at least one though!

Sienna was more than willing for a photo with the carriage though!

This was another attempt.. she is desperately trying to climb down so I didn't force her to stay ;)

 I got my creative head on for these shots and I love them! Both girls sat nicely too which is a bonus. I wish I'd had my camera for these though!

 Ladies that lunch! I love how their body language is the same haha.

 Our character breakfast meeting Daisy duck and Mickey mouse! Aria loved Daisy so much, she kept just cuddling her and trying to get into her beak. She was so intrigued by them!

Disneyland Paris with toddlers

I just love this photo! Aria turned to Sienna and said 'Wow nenna' just at the time I took the photo and it was the cutest thing. I'm actually tearing up writing this..!

I'm so glad this photo worked.. Warren, my husband said I was mad trying to get them to sit there with the balloons over their faces but I made it a game and voila! First shot and I was done, I'm a professional now ;)

Sienna's pose.. She's so grown up and wanting to be 'cool'.. Aria was so tired here so looks grumpy haha but I love it. Contrasting emotions ;)

 Sienna in Alice's labyrinth.. she was so excited to be in there and wanted this photo with this pose.. I swear she'll be a director some day ;) 

Dad life in Disney.. enough said haha! 

Again, I wish this was on my camera and better quality as it's the only family photo with the castle in the background we got but never mind! I still love it..  and there's always next time ;) 

We didn't get to go on the Dumbo ride but I got this photo and again I love the same body language and pose going on! Bless them!

Probably the only family snap where Aria is smiling properly! This was on 'it's a small world' ride and she loved it.

We had a bit of fog while we were there and I was a bit disappointed at first but I love the effect it gave this photo. It would be good at Halloween!

A new take on a family photo of the 4 of us as the girls were not in the mood haha!

 Me and my beast outside the castle ;) 

On Aladdin's magic carpet ride mid flight, Aria's face is so cute!

Sienna with her Moana doll and a pink sky.. perfect! ;)

Does this photo need a caption? haha! Divas!

A jack candy apple, LOVE!

Kissing Mickey on the back of her high chair, I think she fell in love ;)

On the slinky ride.. another one of our family favourites!

I hope you enjoyed looking through these and don't worry, next time I plan on taking extra batteries ;)

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