Friday 15 September 2017

Disneyland Paris with toddlers- FAQs!

Our trip to Disneyland already feels like an age ago, when in fact it was only around 2 weeks ago, madness! I have had so many questions from people regarding our trip so I really wanted to do this post to follow up some FAQs and also share the picture I took.. I won't bore you with all 400 though ;)

Disneyland paris with toddlers

I have done a video more on the booking side of things if you haven't already booked but are looking to go, I will link it HERE and hope you find it helpful!

How long we went for -

4 days 3 nights

Meals we booked beforehand -

A character breakfast at plaza gardens and Lunch with the princesses at Auberge de cendrillon. 

What travel we used -

We flew from Heathrow in London to Charles de Gaulle in Paris and used the Disney Magical express transfer coach.

flying to Disneyland Paris

What hotel we stayed at -

Sante fe hotel (cars theme)

Hotel Sante fe disneyland paris

Restaurants we ate at -

New York style sandwiches, Sante fe hotel canteen, Auberge de cendrillon, Plaza gardens, Casey's corner. 

Disneyland paris lunch with Princesses Auberge de Cendrillon

 Snacks we ate -

Mickey mouse cookies, Mickey mouse marshmallows, Candy floss, Candy apples, Ice cream, slushies.. (all from the bakery or carts around the Disney village)

Disneyland paris candy apples
Disneyland paris cookies

Disneyland paris gibson girl ice cream
disneyland paris mickey mouse marshmallow

Attractions we did -

It's a small world, Alice's curious labyrinth, Buzz lightyear lazer blast, Casey Jr. train, Disneyland railroad, La carousel de lancelot, Mad hatters tea cups, 
Le Pays des Contes de Fées (small boat ride), Ratatouille: the adventure, Slinky dog zigzag spin, Flying carpets over Agrabah, Cars Quatre Roues Rallye, Phantom manor, Pirates of the Caribbean and watched the Parade de stars, Starlit princess waltz and the fireworks. 

Attractions Sienna went on (Aged 4.5 years)  - 

All of the above!

Attractions Aria went on (Aged 18 months) -

All of the above except the Phantom manor as we thought it was too scary. She was a bit scared on Ratatouille and Pirates of the Caribbean, she snuggled in but she didn't cry. She LOVED all the other rides!

disneyland paris its a small world ride
disneyland paris with toddlers
disneyland paris parade de stars 25th anniversary

Characters we met -

Minnie mouse, Mickey mouse, Tigger, Eeyore, Daisy duck, Donald duck, Ariel, Cinderella & her 2 mice Suzi and Perla, Snow White, Princess Aurora, Moana.

Paultons' park & Peppa pig world 

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