Wednesday 13 September 2017

Cozy 'n' Safe Merlin carseat - A follow up

We've been using the Cosy N Safe Merlin carseat with Aria since April. I did a first impressions post back then but I thought it was time for a follow up to see what we think now after 5 months of using it. 

In short, here is what we score each category..

 Comfort for baby 5/5
Safety features 5/5
Ease of fitting 5/5
Ease of adjustment 5/5 
Style 4/5 (a bit bulky)
Durability 5/5
Value for Money 5/5

 In a Nutshell, this carseat is the Cozy N Safe 360∞ rotating MERLIN, for use from Birth to 4 years approx. (18kgs) and suitable for Rear-facing until 4 years approx. (18kgs) 

Throughout the Summer, our Merlin Carseat has been all over the place. To Gatwick and Heathrow airport that are a good few hours away from us, down to Weymouth a couple of times (again a good few hours away from us) and down to Camp Bestival at Lulworth Castle to name a few places.

5 things we love about the Merlin:
-That is rear faces from birth until 4 years old,
-The deep padding,
-The fact it reclines and that this function is easy to use,
-The support it gives to the head and neck,
-The fact Aria sleeps longer in it!!

A little Q&A:

How long have you been using it? 
- 5 months.

What disadvantages does it have? 
- 2 things: 
The fact it is quite bulky so not easily moved from one car to another. We haven't moved it since easily fitting it the first time for this reason.
 We also found the padding on the buckle clasp is a bit big and used to get stuck in the clasp so it wouldn't click properly so we ended up taking it off.

What age is your baby that used the seat? 
- She is now 18 months old.

Would you have used it from newborn? 
- Yes definitely. With the new born insert it looks so cosy!

Will you continue to use the seat as a rear-facing seat to 18kgs? 
-Yes 100%, it's so much safer and she is so cosy and comfortable in it! 

Who would the seat be most useful for? 
Everyone! We have found it hard to find a carseat that rear faces from newborn until 4 years old to keep them as safe as possible.

Is the seat more comfortable that your previous seat? How does it compare? 
The padding is way deeper than any other carseat we've used and Aria definitely settles quicker in it and sleeps for longer so she must be comfortable in there! Having her not scream has made driving much easier and of course doesn't distract you and allows you to concentrate more!

What do you think about the side protection? 
It's amazing for supporting the head and neck.

How useful is the 360∞ rotating feature? 
SO useful! All carseats should have this feature, I wish I had this carseat from newborn, especially after just having Aria. 

How important is it to you that you can rear-face you baby for longer in this seat? 
So important, the fact rear-facing is five times safer is something you can't argue with!

The RRP price is £299.99, but you can currently buy from Baby and Child Store, Halfords, Kiddies Kingdom, Toys R Us, and Uberkids for just £249.99. So for Value for Money we score it a 10/10 as it will last you 4 years!

The ultimate question is “Would I recommend the Cozy N Safe Merlin to other parents?” and our answer is 100% yes!

*We were gifted the carseat for review purposes but this is not a sponsored post.
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