Tuesday 29 August 2017

Top-10 Romantic Places in Vienna

Book a hotel in Vienna and enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee in a cozy coffee shop with quaint lamps, and feel the fabulous atmosphere of the Habsburg castles. Dance the Blue Danube waltz or ride the Riesenrad - Viennese Ferris wheel. This guide will help you plan a romantic trip to Vienna.

Enjoy desserts at the Sacher Cafe
Immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of the 19th century in the decorated red velvet Sacher Cafe, relax in the soft light of the candelabra, and admire the beautiful canvases on the walls. Here you can taste a piece of delicious Sacher cake with apricot jam. And then comes the most romantic moment of the evening: the pianist starts to play.
Find the "Kiss" in the Upper Belvedere
In the summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy, built in the XVIII century, there is the delightful masterpiece of Gustav Klimt called "Kiss." A mosaic-like canvas filled with golden light is the most famous work of the artist, depicting a couple, merged in a strong embrace on a flower bed.
Butterflies in the stomach, butterflies in the House of Butterflies
The Imperial House of Butterflies, filled with the almost noiseless fluttering of wings, lurked in the greenhouse, built in the Art Nouveau style in the palace’s botanical garden. Wedding ceremonies are often held there.
Rise above the Viennese roofs on the Ferris wheel
Take a ride on Riesenrad and enjoy a breathtaking view of Vienna. As you get above the greenery of the Prater Park, the smell of cotton candy and carousel music gradually disappears, just like back in 1897. Try to ride the Riesenrad at night and enjoy the view of Vienna's night.
Visit the Vienna State Opera
A romantic trip to Vienna is unthinkable without visiting the Vienna State Opera. In the red and gold horseshoe-shaped concert hall, the best opera and ballet productions are held, accompanied by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.
Follow the Donauinsel along the Danube
The beauty of the Danube inspired Strauss to write a waltz. Feel the poetic power of this river flowing through the whole Vienna. Start your acquaintance with the Danube from Donauinsel, a small green island stretching to the east of the center, along the embankment dotted with paths and beaches.

Wine cellar of Esterházy Palace
In the courtyard of Esterházy Palace, there is a 17th-century wine cellar, known as the Hoiriger. What can be more romantic than drinking a glass of Riesling or Grüner Veltliner under its stone arches and wooden alcoves?
Vienna from an old carriage
If you hear the clatter of hoofs from your hotel room in Vienna, be sure that there’s a horse carriage is riding along the pavement around. The trip in such a carriage is especially pleasant at night when the golden illumination of historical monuments is mixed with the illumination of the stone pavements of the Inner City. The carriage can be ordered at Stefansplatz, Albertinaplatz, or in front of the Hofburg castle.
A walk in the outskirts of Schönbrunn
Walk in the footsteps of the Habsburgs in the wonderful gardens of Schönbrunn Castle in Baroque style. Look at the dancing fountains, flower terraces, and romantic attractions, such as the "star pond," decorated with marble nymphs. Try to pass the labyrinth before visiting the museum of Wagenburg, which will delight you with golden coaches.
Fairytale castle in Hofburg
The fairytale castle of Hofburg was the center of the court life of the Habsburgs for 600 years of their rule. Here are the imperial apartments and treasury, where rubies the size of a plum are stored. Be sure to look at the white stallions of Lippizaner at the Spanish Riding School (they train at 10 am every morning), and also listen to the Vienna Boys Choir during the Sunday church service. Thanks to our friends from https://j4l.com/ for providing this article.

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