Monday 21 August 2017

Our new house!

You may have noticed I've been MIA on here lately and that is because we moved house! We moved on 3rd August but before that we were packing like crazy and since then we have been without wifi. We have finally just got it back so I am so eager to get back to blogging... I feel like a good few weeks off has given me my mojo back.. which is just in time for Disneyland on Thursday, yay!

Anyway.. back to the house! I thought I'd post a few pictures of how it is now and then I can do little updates as we get new furniture and items. This house is bigger than our last house so the furniture we had doesn't fill it at all! We have some empty spaces that I am figuring out what to do with them.

These photos are not the best, you can see it better in my videos but you can probably already tell that the living room is about double the size of our old one! We're hoping to get a few more side tables and an arm chair in the empty corner! Also maybe a console table or dresser at the end for toys and crafty bits.

You may spy in the window our new pineapple lamp which I absolutely love! We also have this new throw in the colour 'truffle' and it's going to be perfect for the Autumn days. I've tried to keep things neutral but still warm and cosy and these 2 items from Laura Ashley fit perfectly I think!

Our kitchen is smaller and we don't have a utility room but it has been fine so far, we haven't really missed that extra little space.. apart from the girls can't help but touch all the buttons on the washing machine when they walk past it! We have a separate dining room in this house which I just love, it feels ways more homely and we like eating separate from the kitchen.

The girls also have a little play corner at the opposite end of the dining room.. I tried to use the space for dining and play as the girls have so many toys!!

The girls are also sharing a room so that we can have an office and so far, so good! When they wake in the morning they talk and keep each other entertained for a good 10 minutes before shouting for us, it's so cute to listen too and the extra sleep is a bonus too ;)

Our office is such a better place to work instead of the sofa where the girls can get to everything, I can't wait until we're back in a routine and Sienna is at school so I can sit in there properly and work. I'll be doing a room tour soon on my YouTube so stay tuned for that and subscribe and click the notification bell so you don't miss it :)

So that's where I've been, I hope you didn't forget about me! ;)

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