Friday 11 August 2017

First home interior tips for couples

Moving into your first home with your partner is a really exciting time. If you’re at this stage in your life, then you’ll already be aware that compromises will undoubtedly be needed to appease both sides. You might have very strong ideas about how your new pad should look, while your partner might be on a completely different page. Try to think about affordable furniture that’s versatile, allowing you both to put your stamp on your new place. 

Shop around and look for the best deals. You might fall in love with something in a showroom and find that you can buy either the exact one or something similar online for almost half the price. 

Invest your money in things that you regularly use so that they will last you a long time. Your bed and mattress are probably top of the list, with a sofa coming in at a firm second. Since there’s just two of you, think about the space you have and what you really need. A comfortable two-seater sofa is ideal, and is worth spending some money on if it’s going to last. These stylish two seater sofas from Arlo & Jacob come with a lifetime guarantee and can be upholstered in any fabric you like. 

For mattresses, the Eve mattress claims to be the most comfortable on the market, is a very reasonable price and comes with the added benefit of a 100-night, money-back trial so you can sleep easy. We actually have this mattress and can agree with the comfort factor!

Borrowing from friends and family is a smart choice, as is using sites like Gumtree to find good quality second-hand furniture in your area. If you’re creative, you could always attempt some up-cycling as a pot of paint is far cheaper than a brand new piece, plus it’ll be unique to you and your home. 

If you struggle to agree on a colour scheme, then opt for neutral walls and floors, and use wall hangings, posters and pictures to inject some colour and a happy mixture of both your personalities. Websites like Snapfish allow you to print your own photos onto a canvas for a completely personalised touch; so now you can finally display some of those travel snaps from your holidays together. 

If you can’t agree on one overall interior scheme, you could always divvy out the decorating tasks, giving each person a room of their own to decorate. Perhaps one person considers the living room their domain and has strong ideas on decorating styles, while the other might take on the bedroom. It’s probably best to communicate your ideas before you reach for the paintbrushes, however, as you don’t want to end up with complete opposites that don’t match at all. 

If neither of you has lived away from home or had to invest in your own kitchen paraphernalia, then you’re going to need everything, including the kitchen sink. Next has a great range of affordable cutlery, and M&S are offering a 12-piece dinner set in plain white for a bargain at just £19.50. It will match everything, and with it being so reasonably priced you won’t feel bad if you want to replace it shortly after. Sofa dinners were acceptable when you were at uni, but now that you’re a grown-up, you might want to consider a dining table. This extending dining table from is ideal for when there’s just the two of you, but it extends out to accommodate up to six if you have friends or your parents over for dinner.

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