Thursday 13 July 2017

Family travel - My favourite photos from France

I took so many photos while in France and I wanted to share them all but not bombard my Instagram, so I thought I'd do a blog post on my favourite photos. I love capturing family moments and flicking through photos, sometimes more so than watching the whole videos back and that's why I continue to take photos and video and do it all. 

Family travel - My favourite photos from France

I was determined to get a nice photo of Sienna and I this holiday as she is always on the go and says no when I ask her for one normally where as Aria doesn't get a choice I just pick her up haha! I love this one that I managed to get with our matching white sunnies on.

This holiday marked a milestone for Sienna as she got so much confidence in the water and can swim with just her armbands and jump in off the side. Before this holiday she was quite confident but always wanted someone to hold onto. We're so proud of her and she is looking so grown up!

The girls absolutely loved their quality time with Daddy in the pool!

Even though Aria hasn't quite got the idea of sharing, these 2 are best friends most of the time! I think they look quite similar in this photo too! 

The girls are such outdoor girls and they loved waking up and being able to go and sit straight outside as it was so hot.

Can you spot me? I just fell of the unicorn and went right under haha! So much fun trying to balance on it, they are tricky things to sit on!

The beautiful view we had every day!

Breakfast (and coffee for mummy) outside again. I miss these mornings!

My favourite picture I took of Sienna. So natural and beautiful and she was just so happy to be on holiday with us all! 

This was meant to be a nice picture of me and both girls but Sienna swam off and Aria is yawning.. atlas I tried hey, haha!

Our little diva having the best time at the pool party!!

I love Aria's face in this, behind the fence were goats to feed and she kept trying to give them her biscuits but they didn't like them and she couldn't understand why they didn't like them.. they were chocolate!! ;) 

My favourite family picture so far.. it just sums up our holiday perfectly and I love our matching straw hats haha! 

This was in the centre of Bordeaux, they had some amazing 'instagram walls' to pose by!

These ones were taken on our last evening. I love the natural shots and the girls outfits too! I can't wait for all the future holidays we have together.

Our 'best bits' of France in a Travel Vlog:



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