Monday 19 June 2017

Seventh generation cleaning products review & GIVEAWAY! #ComeClean #ad

After a lovely weekend of fun in the sun, it's back to reality with a thud for me and trying to get this house in order. What with being in hospital last week and a busy weekend, I am up to my eye balls in all the chores and cleaning.

Not to mention the limbo we're in with moving too.. half of the house is packed up and we are slowly decluttering and packing up bigger pieces now. I don't know about you, but moving house is probably the only time I get to do a good deep clean.. when the house is pretty much empty and all the 'big pieces' get moved out! I have been trying out these Seventh generation cleaning products and I have a giveaway for you to win one of the hampers too!

Seventh generation cleaning products

This is a brand that is new to me but I can already say I am a big fan. Me and the girls have quite sensitive skin.. Sienna and I are quite fair and with that seems to bring all kinds of rashes and irritations, especially if I change the products we use or don't use things specifically for sensitive skin. Aria has quite a few patches of eczema and has done since she was born so I'm still wary of the products I use. Regardless of our skin type, we should be thinking about what goes into these products we use daily around our home.

Seventh generation are an American plant based brand so they are totally natural and safe for everyone... adults, kids and even animals. This is a major plus point.. I now know I won't harm the dog when I accidentally spray her on a cleaning frenzy ;)

Seventh generation cleaning products

The first thing I pulled out is the Seventh generation all-purpose natural cleaner as I seem to be forever cleaning up the sides and floors. Are you like that too?! Milk spills from Aria, juice drops for Sienna and slobber from the dog. That husband of mine also likes to pour coffee over the hob every morning too but I can't complain too much as he does make me one ;) With some cleaning sprays, I find they leave a residue and so I always tend to resort to using anti-bacterial wipes but this is so effective and I have managed to steer away from the wipes so far.

Seventh generation cleaning products

 I will admit, I was sceptical the free & clear laundry detergent wouldn't work as well without the chemicals but it has definitely proved me wrong! It works just as well, if not better than the alternatives I use and has been effective on all the stains the girls have on their clothing. I personally love how gentle it is too, we haven't had any reactions and I love that they don't have any fragrance either as I never use anything scented on our delicate skins just in case.

Seventh generation cleaning products

The natural dish liquid was a handy addition to the basket too as our dishwasher has just stopped working on us... meaning we are spending about 3 hours every night washing up all the items we used throughout the day.. we love to eat ;) haha! The liquid itself is as you'd expect.. no scent, or colour.. 'free & clear' yet just as powerful as that other green stuff full of chemicals I used to use...

Seventh generation cleaning products

The one thing I am more excited about than I should be is the toilet bowl cleaner... I'm showing my age now aren't I?! haha! I normally use bleach as I find nothing else as effective but it's not ideal to use around kids. At 16 months old, Aria is not yet potting trained but with a 4 year old big sister who is, she has become obsessed with the toilet. 

If she hears the word 'toilet' in conversation, she is running straight for it, backing up to it trying to get on and grabbing tissue to shove down it... and when I say 'shove down it' I mean literally climbing in. She has appeared from the bathroom many times with wet sleeves... gross! She is not phased about burning her skin off at all and doesn't understand the word 'no' yet.. or rather chooses not to listen as she's my wild child ;) 

I'm so happy this is safer for those spontaneous water play sessions and just as powerful. Aria seems to be happy about this too! I also love the natural, fresh emerald cypress and fir scent as I do like my daughters arm...oh I mean, toilet to smell nice ;) 

If you'd love the chance to win one of these hampers to #ComeClean as well, enter via the Rafflecopter below. If you're not one of the lucky winners or you want to try it now, use the code GRXNZY on to get £3 off!


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