Thursday 1 June 2017

Our first date with RESCUE #ad

I have mentioned before that when Warren and I had our first date, nearly 7 years ago, neither of us thought we'd be where we are now. To say it was awkward was an understatement, not to mention I was SO nervous leading up to the big date.

We'd arranged to meet in a carpark (classy) and Warren would drive us to Bath and we'd go for a meal at Nando's. I felt too nervous to drive myself so my mum offered to take me to meet him. I had been so nervous leading up to it that I had actually gone to Boots and bought the Rescue Remedy dropper to help my anxiety. 

our first date with RESCUE remedy

I took it before leaving the house and then I vividly remember being sat in the car next to mum, desperately dropping it onto my tongue and hoping I would stop shaking soon! I had no idea why I was so nervous, I clearly didn't like him at all... ;) 

our first date with RESCUE remedy
our first date with RESCUE remedy

 I guess it must have worked because I soon felt ready to get out the car and walk up to his. The drive was just over an hour away and normally when I'm nervous, I overthink everything I'm going to say and end up not speaking at all, as to not embarrass myself. But thanks to the Rescue Remedy, I calmed down and we didn't stop talking and laughing the whole way there.

 Although it was a good start, when we got into the restaurant it felt a bit awkward and I ended up talking about my ex-boyfriends and how much I didn't want another one the whole time, whoops! Luckily, that didn't put Warren off (and nor did my train track braces!).

our first date with RESCUE remedy

I'm pretty sure that without the help of Rescue Remedy, I would have never calmed my nerves enough to get out the car, so we owe them a massive thank you... We're now 7 years and 2 kids down the line... Who'd have thought it!

Rescue Remedy is available in Boots or at and has a wide range available, from original droppers and sprays, to liquid melts and pastilles, so you're guaranteed to find something that suits you.

*In collaboration with RESCUE but all thoughts are honest & my own.
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