Monday 19 June 2017

Creating a bedroom fit for a Princess!

From films to bedtime stories, princesses play a big part in the lives of many children, so it’s no surprise when they wish to live the life of luxury themselves! Childhood bedrooms stay in our memory for a long time, therefore it’s important that your little one has a space they love and that reflects their interests. If your child would dreams of a bedroom straight from a fairytale, then take a look at these tips on how to create a princess themed room that’s sure to fuel their imagination!

Add some magic to the walls 

The starting point of any interior makeover should be to think about a colour palette, and how you plan on decorating the bedroom walls. Add a touch of princess inspired magic to the walls with some glitter wallpaper - a great way to instantly transform any space! Consider creating a sparkly feature wall, and pick out some suitable colours to paint the rest of the room. Shades such as pink, purple or white are the obvious choices, and will fit the theme perfectly. If your child has a particular princess they love the most, decorating their walls with framed print outs or even drawings your child has done is another brilliant way to add to the theme, with hardly any effort or cost involved. 
Create a bed fit for royalty

Another really easy way to achieve a princess themed room is by focusing on the bed itself. Canopy beds are the best option, and can be so simple to create. You can purchase plenty of beautiful princess themed canopy beds in a range of colours and styles. Or if you’re keen to unleash your DIY side on your child’s room, this is a look that’s super easy to recreate yourself. Simply head down to a fabric shop to choose the perfect material, and follow one of many tutorials to give the space that special homemade feel. 

Find some luxurious final touches
Once the walls and bed are sorted, it’s time to start hunting down some accessories and room furnishings to give the space a final hint of magic. Look out for dressing tables, wardrobes and bedside tables with regal detailing, or simply do-it-yourself once more and add a stroke of glittery paint to worn out old wooden furniture. Make sure you also pay attention to textiles used in the room, such as curtains, rugs and cushions. Pleated curtains in materials such as chiffon will work well for this, and have the added bonus of keeping your child’s room cool during the summer months. Fluffy rugs, throws and cushions in the same colour palette as the rest of the room will also fit the theme well and add some cosy finishing touches! 

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