Thursday 11 May 2017

Why I blog and vlog

I've been blogging and vlogging since 2008 and over the years, I have received various comments and thoughts about it. Some people are supportive, some are intrigued and some are against it. I guess that is expected in all walks of life.. people have different opinions. 

Some people think I share too much, some people can't understand why anyone wants to see my 'boring' life and some people think it's just damn right weird.

I guess it's cliche but the main reason I blog and vlog is for myself and us as a family. Not just because it makes money, but for the memories.

I don't know why but my worst fear has always been that I will lose my memory. Have an accident or be in a coma, and wake up and not be able to remember anything. My life, my husbands, my kids.. 


Before I had my first baby, I remember reading so many articles about how it goes so quick and 'don't blink' because they'll be grown up before you know it.. and so I took as many photos and videos as I could to catch the milestones and see her grow. 

I share them with the world, that's a choice I make and it isn't because I think I'm perfect, or above anyone else or have all the answers.. it's because I simply want to show our journey. By showing our ups and downs, I give other people hope when they're in a similar situation, I can share tips on what has worked for us and I can also ask advice when we going through a rough patch. It's a two way relationship and I'm so grateful for that. 

I'm so glad I have all the memories to look back on too. For some reason, I don't have many memories of my childhood; a handful at most before the age of about 7 years old. I hope that the videos and photos of our life with help keep memories real for the girls and they'll have happy memories of all the fun we have had together.


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