Wednesday 24 May 2017

Life lately

If you've been keeping up with us on social media of my YouTube channel, you may know that we've had a hectic few weeks lately. I try to update you all on our current life situation in my videos but I know not all of you watch them (although I'd really appreciate it if you subscribed and followed along!)

To cut a long story short, we're having to move house as our landlord is selling. We are currently waiting to view a house that will be available in a couple of weeks, so at the moment we are living in limbo and trying to pack up as much as possible, although it's difficult as we still need to live here for the next few weeks or so and don't have an official moving date.

On top of all this, Aria has also been quite poorly. She just keeps getting poorly wether it's ear infections or a bad tummy, mixed with teething really badly.. she is generally not happy most of the time and it's a battle everyday to just stop her crying. I have seen the health visitor and she has requested a dietician appointment to see if we are missing something like an intolerance that's causing her pain, as she always seems to be screaming in pain but we never know what the source is or how to help. 

I find it so tough when one of them is ill as they require more mummy time and cuddles, which don't get me wrong, I love.. but it means my work load and chores get put on the back burner and I end up drowning in my to do list. Not to mention I'm trying to sort out the house and slowly pack everything into boxes on top of that but nothing seems to be getting done at the moment. 

To top it off, my Samsung Addwash washing machine has broken and I'm having to ship baskets of dirty washing between my mum's and Warren's mum so I can use theirs. It's just not ideal and I feel like the simplest of chores like washing has been made so much more difficult!

I know it's only a temporary stage so I'm just trying to get through it and hope things work out. On a positive note, I have taken a liking to a new wine, haha! I've always been partial to a glass of Rose when I'm out but this new one from i heart wines is one I've been drinking at home in the evenings. After a hard day, a glass of wine or two is a nice way for me to unwind and relax.. especially at the weekends. i heart Rose offers a fresh and fruity Rosé packed with strawberry and cherry flavours and soft red berry flavours which is delicious!

i heart wines is all about providing straight-talking, great tasting wines – whatever the occasion. They take a fresh approach, keep things simple and focus on what is important… fabulous wine. Why make choosing a wine anymore complicated than that? We like the design of the packaging too, all the bottles compliment each other and really stand out on the shelf.

i heart wine know that people enjoy wine without being experts (I definitely am not!). Their collection is made up of great examples of the most popular wine varieties from around the world. So all you need to worry about is finding your favourite – result! And to make choosing your best loved even simpler go to the our wines section on their website for some handy tasting notes and food matching ideas.

*Sponsored post but all thoughts are honest & my own

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