Thursday 25 May 2017

How to Improve Your Interior Design on a Budget

If your interior design scheme needs pepping up, you will no doubt have one thing at the front of your mind: money… or lack of it.
Take a look at the latest trends featured in glossy magazines or on various websites, and you will see large renovation and updating projects that look stunning and amazing, but come with a huge price tag. And when the budget is tight, updating the look of your home’s interior can be a financial step too far. However, with these tips, you can introduce current trends without breaking the bank.

 The Colour is… GREEN

Interior designers were predicting at the end of 2016 that the colour for the coming 2017 season in interior design would be green.
Go as dark as you dare but if lighter green is your choice, go for bold but not luminous. 
In your home, green is a great colour to introduce but because colours change, adding it on walls, as rugs, throws or cushions is a way of introducing the latest trend but within budget. 
A feature wall works great, as does adding green cushions and patterned throws to your sofa. Or, keep your walls a neutral shade and add colour and notes of interest with green-coloured glass sculptures and accessories. 

Minimal is Still Hot

Wave goodbye to trying to marry antiques with the modern, because that trend is passing. A relief to us all who who worked hard to get the eclectic look only for it to look a shamble.
Instead, think minimal and uncluttered as there is a new wave of stylish living coming your way. Some interior designers are advocating minimal materialistic possessions, stripping back rooms to bareness. Some say it makes them happier.
But in a busy home, it has its downside. However, de-clutter, only keeping items on display that you only want to really see. Think glass shelving with minimalist but stylish glass clamps that make the shelf look like it is floating mid-wall.

Tropical Prints

Making a comeback in a big way in 2017 is tropical prints which can spell disaster for your budget if you invest in tropical print laden sofas, armchairs and textiles.
Our advice is to keep it simple. Create a feature wall by using big, green leafy tropical prints and leave it at that. Or if that spells disaster in a small space, choose inexpensive tropical prints and cluster is groups of three on a neutral wall.
If are feeling a little more daring, there are excellent examples of scatter cushions to liven up any sofa. When the trend has gone, use the cushions to pep up outdoor furniture. 

Weave Texture

Adding depth to a room comes by adding texture. A few seasons ago, we were all throwing ourselves at kitten-soft fluffy cushions. Then came the batted wool look and now in 2017, the must-have texture in any interior design is the weave pattern.
Slightly harder in texture than the wool and fluffiness we are accustomed too, a weave pattern fabric is robust and strong, perfect for using in a busy home. As well as weave textured rug, there are some stunning throws that have caught our eye this year.
We also love the over-the-top in terms of size weave texture rugs and throws, Perfect for adding texture to any room, consider a chunk weave throw for the bed when the cooler autumn nights arrive, and use it as a should throw for summer evening parties in the garden. 

 Quirky, Statement Lighting

It may seem like a big investment but, changing the central light of a rom could be the one thing that gives the space an entirely different look.
If the dining room needs an on-trend addition, we think changing the central light for clustering, pendant lights is a great move.
In fact, the quirkier the better and with lighting, you can be confident this change will last some time and not go out of fashion in the blink of an eye. 
If you want to be spot o trendy, take a look at brass framed lighting or the brass-look finish to a piece. 

Muted Colours

Bright, bold colours are all well and good but it is amazing how quickly they become a faux pau in interior design.
Green is the only colour worth taking any interest in but obviously, too much green is not a good thing. So, what are the other choices?
You will be relieved to know that white, cream, beiges and muted greys are the muted colours that can quickly and easily update the look in your home. 
So, paint the walls in a muted colour, add a few tropical prints, enjoy the texture of a weave rug or throw, de-clutter and keep everything in its place – and that is what will pull your interior into 2017 without costing a small fortune. 

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