Wednesday 31 May 2017

Give your bedroom the royal treatment with these 3 simple design tips

If you’re going to give any part of your home the royal treatment, it has to be your bedroom. Aside from being the place where you sleep every night, your room also acts as your own personal retreat, so there’s no reason why it can’t exude luxury and style. In this blog, you’ll find three simple design tips that’ll help turn your bedroom into a boudoir that’s fit for a king or queen.

1. Pick furniture that’s fit for a monarch
When it comes to creating a boudoir that’s good enough for a monarch, it’s only right to go for truly fitting furniture. There are a number of impressive pieces you could include in your bedroom setup, such as a beautiful bed frame. As the focal point of the room, this part of your sleep space should be spot on. So, to snooze in style, you could consider replacing your current model for something more regal. For example, you could go for a model inspired by 18th century France with an intricately designed headboard and classic, curved sides to give your room a chic, elegant vibe. For inspiration, it pays to check out specialist websites such as Crown French Furniture or you could use photo sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

2. Make a statement with accessories
Aside from picking the right style of furniture, why not make a statement with your accessories too? When it comes to recreating royalty, it’s all about the finer details, so take your time to strategically decorate your bedroom with kingly knickknacks. For example, you could hang a piece of majestic art work on your wall or you could go for some super luxurious soft furnishings. Plush rugs, cosy throws and sumptuous cushions are your best bet for a fabulously flawless finishing touch.

3. Go for a rich, indulgent colour scheme
To perfect the regal look in your boudoir, it pays to go for a fitting colour scheme. From rich purples, to deep blues, to dark reds, there are a whole host of gorgeously indulgent shades for you to choose from. You could even go for hues like bronze and gold. Whether you’re picking out paint, buying accessories or selecting wallpaper, be sure to keep your chosen palette in mind to ensure you truly nail this theme.

As long as you keep these design tips in mind, you shouldn’t struggle to give your bedroom a makeover that any king or queen would be proud of.

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