Sunday 14 May 2017

Finding my style postpartum

In my 'April in rewind' post, I mentioned that I felt like it was the month I found my style again. For some reason it takes me ages to reclaim my style postpartum.. a mixture of taking ages to lose the baby weight and then feel a little stuck on what to even wear. I have always with struggled with my style full stop. The thing is, I know what suits me and what I like, yet sometimes I don't feel very 'fashionable' and so I wear what's on trend to fit in but still feel a bit lost.

But I've finally realised it's ok to not be totally 'on trend' and I'd rather be a little off trend than uncomfortable running around after 2 kids. Don't get me wrong, I don't tend to go out in just a baggy track suit (totally not my style) but I do stick to jeans and a top most days, but you know what? I think that's ok! I'm sticking to simple outfits and trying not to over think it all.

I have updated my wardrobe a little by getting a few new tops to go with those trusty said jeans. With the help of Zeek I got more for my money which is always a bonus! Zeek is an online marketplace where you can buy unwanted gift/store cards at great discounted rates. The vouchers offer brands such as Ted Baker, House of Fraser and H Samuel so there is a vast range and you're bound to be able to update your wardrobe somehow, even it isn't just accessories.

 I went for these 4 tops with a New look voucher I chose. I feel like these tops are all 'safe' and comfortable to wear but do have fashionable aspects to them such as the lace up section, choker around the neck, embroidery and stripes. I was a little unsure about the choker style neck as it reminded me of my teenage emotions days but I actually think it suits me and I feel comfortable in it which is the main thing. 

They'll all go really nicely with my blue or grey jeans (which are the contour jeans from Tesco by the way and amazing!!) and also with blue or white denim shorts in the Summer to switch it up a bit. I'm sure I will be featuring them soon on my Instagram or in a blog post so keep a look out to see how I style these.


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