Tuesday 23 May 2017

Dear neighbour.. What you don't see

Dear neighbour...

I get it. 
You don't have kids yourself and living next door to a family of 4, with 2 children under 5 has come as quite a shock. Gone are your Sunday morning lie ins and quiet coffee breaks in the garden, as all my kids do is make noise.

To you, we seem like the worst kind of family...

 You see the husband go to work leaving me as a 'stay at home mum', you hear the post man delivery parcels left right and centre as I 'spend my husbands money', you hear me crying on the tough days, sometimes shouting back at the kids, you hear the 4 year old always being loud, you hear the toddler in her bedroom screaming for hours on end, You see our garden is full of toys and weeds, you see that we leave our rubbish bins outside the house for weeks on end and you see us arrive home at 2am after a 'night off' every once in a while.

But what you don't see, is that whilst juggling the kids and chores all day while the husband's at work, I too, run my own business full time from home..
What you don't see is those parcels are items for me to run my business..
 What you don't see is the pressure and the true juggle of my life which pushes me to breaking point on those hard days..
 What you don't see is me rocking, cuddling and singing lullabies to my toddler trying to get her to sleep every night while she's screaming..
 What you don't see is the fact I have barely had time to drink or eat lunch today, let alone think about the weeds or bins outside..
 What you don't see is those 'nights off' are actually nights earning more money for our family together...

What you don't see, is us trying our absolute best. 

So next time, before you go to make judgemental comments about someone else's life, think about what you don't see...

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