Wednesday 10 May 2017

April in rewind

This year is whizzing by so fast, I sometimes feel like I haven't taken it in enough. The girls are growing before my eyes and Sienna will soon be at school, how did that happen?!

I feel like April was a good but busy month for us, it bought the sunshine at last which always puts us in a good mood and we had lots of fun family day trips out and we also booked Disneyland Paris in August which was super exciting.

I also feel like it was the month I finally started to find my style again after having Aria! I am going through my wardrobe and chucking out what I haven't worn for ages and adding some new classic pieces in. Next I need to start accessorising, I'm excited to start using handbags again rather than changing bags now Aria is a toddler!

To kick April off, we were invited to Weymouth to see the new Caribbean cove at the Sealife adventure park and had the best day! We can't wait to visit again in July when we're on holiday down there.

We also spent a lot of time playing in the garden, and the fun was amplified with the help of Little tikes. We received the Fountain factory water table for them to try out and it's been a massive hit! Both of them are such water babes and can spend hours with water play so this is perfect.

It has so many different parts and functions and you can interchanges the pipes and fittings to create a new 'system'. The other keys features are....

• Water pump fills water tower which then flows to the fountains.
• Water can be channeled into any of the three fountains.
• Plumbing pipes can be rearranged and used with multiple faucets.
• Peek-a-boo character rises with the water.
• Includes 3 accessories.

 This is one of the toys that I have found fab for the age gap I have.. Sienna is challenged by the more complex side of making new pipes and fittings fit to get the water through and Aria is just happy splashing and getting wet! It has been a lifesaver for those days where you just don't know what to do with them, it keeps them amused for ages. I'd highly recommend this if you have a garden!

Also in April, we were invited to Disney on Ice which was amazing! Sienna still asks if we can go back next year! It's definitely worth it and so magical.

We then had a fab weekend in London, visiting Legoland Windsor with the o2 and then doing an Easter egg hunt at Fenton house.

 Such a fun month! I have a feeling May is going to be a bit slower but we will see!

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