Friday 12 May 2017

12 Signs a First Date Is Going Wrong

Me & my husband have been together 7 years later this year yet looking back at our first date in 2010, neither would have ever imagined we'd be where we are now. I had just got out of a relationship and told him straight up, I didn't want another boyfriend. I actually felt really awkward, spent the whole time talking about my ex boyfriends and how much I hated men in a bid to put him off and couldn't get out the car quick enough when he dropped me home.

Luckily, he was persistent and I gave it a second chance. The warning signs of the date were that it was all going wrong.. I think we could check off nearly every single one of these signs below from

12 Signs a First Date Is Going Wrong

1. They are not nervous

Being nervous means you care and so if they are not even the slightest bit nervous, it may mean they're not that interested in the outcome of the date!

2. They are constantly looking at their watch

Needless to say, they are either bored or in a rush to get away. These signs are not those of a great first date!

3. The distance between you doesn’t decrease

When you are trying to impress someone, your'e likely to get close and lean into them a bit more to decrease the distance between you, not the opposite.. 

4. They talks with other people the whole evening

Being polite is one thing, but if they pay more attention to others than to you, then it may mean they are too shy or just not feeling it!

5. There are awkward pauses in the conversation

You try your hardest to make them laugh, telling all the possible funny stories and anecdotes and they just shake their head with an indifferent smile and don't strive to maintain the conversation.. a total killer.

6. They mention their exes

Everyone knows about the forbidden topic about the exes on the first date... even me ;) If they deliberately break the rules and tell stories about times or memories with exes, they may just be trying to put you off..

7. They refuse a change of scenery

If you sit for an hour in a cafe and then offer to change the scenery and take a walk and they refuse or something 'important' comes up – most likely, they want rid! 

8. They have other plans after the date

If they have other plans to go to the club with colleagues and doesn't cancel to spend more time with you.. it may be a bad sign too!

9. You don’t talk about the next date

As a rule, if the date goes well, one of you may speak about a second date. If they hurry to say goodbye at the end of your date and don’t say “I’ll call you” or “See you next week/a couple of days” – this may mean that this is your last date.

10. You split a restaurant bill

If a date's going well, you'd usually expect them too offer to pay (call me old fashioned maybe...?)

11. They say goodbye too quickly

If they say a short “Goodbye” immediately after the date and leave – this is a bad sign. If they like you, they'd normally hang around and see if there was any chance of a hug atlas!

12. Both of you are glad that the date is over

A date can hardly be called successful if you breathe a sigh of relief after saying goodbye!

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