Monday 24 April 2017

Why I'm glad my daughters are strong-willed...

 Words we'd use to describe our 4 year old daughter: headstrong, independent, stubborn, determined, strong-willed.. and I could probably go on. And in fact, I could probably use these words for our just-turned-one year old daughter too.. she seems to be following in her big sister's footsteps. 

As they are all of these above and more, we have had a few challenges on our hands lately. They tend to be getting more difficult, they don't give up without a fight wether it be over what cup they want their juice from or what snack they want to eat and what colour the plate has to be. 

Our 4 year old is constantly curious and asking questions about how things work or letting us know her feelings about something. She won't accept our word for anything.. she has to find out herself if those scissors really are dangerously sharp. She never takes our first answer and is always arguing her point if she feels she's right. 

Most days, I find myself wondering why they're so impossible and leave me tearing my hair out.

Most days, I also feel the glares of other mum's eyes in my direction as I'm trying to compromise with them. There's always a 'but' or a 'can I just..' from our 4 year old, she never just agrees or listens to me. I feel like those mums judge me and my 'uncontrollable' kids, they listen to my 4 year old getting her point across and think she has too much 'attitude' or hear my toddler screaming to be put down and think I have 'difficult' kids.

Sometimes those glares break me, I find myself willing my girls to just sit there and be quiet, no questions asked, obeying everything I say, just so I don't feel so judged..

..but deep down, I know I wouldn't want that.

I love that they are so curious about the world.. that they are always full of life and excited by new experiences.. I love that they express their feelings, and will only do something if they truly want too and I love that they are so confident in themselves and their opinions.

 Their self-belief is admirable, even to me now and I never want them to lose that. I'm not in denial it will take more patience and guidance as they get older, but it will be worth it if I raise self-assured, strong women.


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