Friday 21 April 2017

Enhance your space with a Contemporary Bathroom Sink

There’s no doubt that you can enhance your space with a contemporary bathroom sink, but with so many different available styles on the market, you’ll need to carefully consider the pros and cons of each type. Some modern sinks stand out purely due to their designer look, but you also need to thoroughly consider the functionality and durability of any sink you’re thinking about purchasing. This article aims to explain the contrasting qualities and features of several different styles of contemporary bathroom sinks.

Identifying a Contemporary Bathroom Sink
Contemporary bathroom sinks are often instantly noticeable due to standout looks alone, and as you would expect, will typically mesh well with modern bathroom décor. But given that the bathroom sink will actually tend to be one of the most regularly used components in an entire home, it is absolutely essential to choose one that exudes reliability and practicality. You shouldn’t have to compromise in terms of aesthetics however, with many modern bathroom sinks being manufactured using the very latest technologies to deliver a lightweight and durable construction in addition to a stylish appearance. Of course, your contemporary bathroom sink needs to look good, especially so if you intend to use it as the focal point of your bathroom; especially luxurious sinks with unconventional designs are usually the prime candidates for this. Considering the truly expansive range of modern bathroom sinks on the market, you should certainly be able to find an option well suited to your space, which meets your preferences both appearance-wise and in terms of functionality. Contemporary bathroom sinks are supplied in a wide choice of styles, sizes, shapes, materials and colors, so you won’t need to make any adjustments to your existing bathroom décor when installing your new basin.
The Different Types of Modern Bathroom Sinks
Wall Mounted Sinks – These sinks have a self-explanatory moniker, and it is up to you to position them at a height appropriate for your requirements. A perfect choice for a small bathroom or en-suite.
Pedestal Sinks – Pedestal sinks are amongst the most versatile types available, in that they will tend to be suitable with most existing bathrooms as they come supplied in such a variety of different sizes and styles. Arguably best situated in a retro style bathroom, modern pedestal sinks can look taller if positioned on a custom platform, but tend to measure between 34 and 36 inches in height.
Vanity Sinks – Embedded into a counter top, vanity sinks come accompanied with extra closed storage space, which is perfect for keeping shower gels, shampoos, toothpastes and other toiletries in.
Console Sinks – Console sinks are typically decorative or ornamental, making them ideal for vintage style bathrooms. Vessel sinks with table tops are some of the best examples of console sinks typically found in more contemporary bathrooms, and the unenclosed design of these sinks certainly maximizes space.

The Best Materials for Modern Bathroom Sinks
Glass – For a super modern look, glass bathroom sinks are an absolutely ideal choice. Probably more than any other material, glass provides a sleek elegance and truly standout contemporary appearance.
 Porcelain – Porcelain is an advantageous modern bathroom sink material from a looks perspective, in that it can be patterned, colored or painted in any design the buyer sees fit. Customized bathroom sinks are growing in popularity, and these sorts tend to feature porcelain construction.
Chrome, copper, stainless steel, brass and stone are all examples of other popular materials used to create contemporary bathroom sinks, and each one can provide a bathroom with an aura of exclusive designer style. It goes without saying that your ideal sink will mesh well with your existing bathroom décor and fixtures, and ideally maximize the space and functionality within the room. The right sink will bring out the very best in surrounding components such as a bathtub, shower enclosure, designer radiator or towel warmer
Ultimately, you can’t be too careful in coming to your eventual decision on a modern bathroom sink – provided you make the correct choice, it can be one of the most prominent fixtures within your property for years to come.

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