Tuesday 4 April 2017

Snack time with Chewymoon #ad

Don't tell me I'm the only one who gets annoyed with the constant 'Can I have a snack?' droans through out the day? Sienna is constantly asking for something to eat.. Aria on the other just points and shouts 'uh, uh, uh' to try and tell me she wants a snack. If I ignore her long enough she starts opening the cupboards herself and pulling all the food out incase I hadn't got the message ;) I can't imagine when they're both tugging my legs for a snack...

  I'm a big snacker myself so I guess I can't blame them.. but I find myself struggling to come up with healthy snacks for everyone for the week. I like to give my girls (and us!) a nutritional snack but sometimes I have found myself grabbing the more unhealthy things as I can't think what to give them.

 This is where Chewymoon comes in and it has been so convenient for us! ChewyMoon provide parents with hugely healthy snack alternatives for children, they are the UK’s first nutritionally-balanced subscription snack box for children, priced at just £4.93 for 5 snacks. The snacks are made from natural ingredients, with no refined sugar or nasties which appeals to me massively as I try to minimise the amount of refined sugar we eat.

As well as the snacks, they get a fun pack comprising comics, fact cards and totem toys, making it as much fun to learn about nutrition as it is to eat the snack which is brilliant. The ChewyMoon snack box is designed to capture kids’ imaginations, creating a formative impact on kids’ eating habits for later life which is something I'm always trying to achieve. Knowledge is power after all!

Sienna couldn't wait to open her first snack, she loved the packaging too and was laughing at the different animals and asking me what they were called. The 'freaky fruits' snack was the biggest hit... it's a mix of Blackcurrant drops, apricot sticks, cherry cubes, peach cubes & raspberry strips. 

''Mmm is it sweets mummy?! It takes like sweets!''.. that is a result in my book! She loves it because it tastes like sweets and I love it because I know it's natural with no added nonsense and much more nutritional than 'real' sweets.

 Aria tried the 'crazy crunch' which is basically freeze-dried smoothie bites with Peach/apple puree concentrate & blueberry/red beet juice concentrate & she demolished them! I'm so happy we found these snacks and I no longer have to dread snack time working out what I can give them that is healthy but they will still enjoy!

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