Saturday, 1 April 2017

Our Somerset wedding - Venue & flowers

 All photos by Kerry Bartlett who was amazing, I'd highly recommend her!

I can't believe I'm only just starting on our wedding posts, coming up to 6 months after! Those 6 months have flew by and I haven't seemed to have time to sit down and do these posts until now. 

We got married on Sunday October 9th 2016 and Ston Easton Park Hotel and the day was just magical. It was everything I dreamed of since being a little girl and more, especially having our two girls with us on the day. We have so many photos to share that I thought it was easier to post them in sections for you, rather than everything at once. This post has enough photos alone!

I thought I'd start with the venue and flowers as they were the first things we chose. I had an image in my head of what I wanted my wedding to look like (as most women do!) and I had to find the right venue. We looked at quite a few but none of them really took our fancy.. except for one although the lady didn't take us seriously I don't think and we are still waiting for her to send the quote through of how much it would cost ;)

When we went to visit Ston Easton.. we purely went to look around and 'dream'. After looking around, I felt sad because I felt it was 'the one' but we wouldn't be able to afford it. When we sat down with Kat (the event organiser), she showed us some packages and we realised we could probably stretch to have our whole wedding there and I was over the moon!

We came home, worked out some numbers and a couple of months later, put our deposit down! You can see from the photos how beautiful it is, it's a big stately home with beautiful grounds and an amazing stair case to walk down in your dress. All the rooms are so well presented and decorated, I loved the paintings, arch ways, fireplaces and high ceilings, we didn't add much other decor really, I didn't feel it needed it.

We stayed the night before with friends, so we got up and got ready at the venue. I have no photos of the bedrooms but trust me they are stunning! I got ready in the bridal suite and then walked down the sweeping staircase with my dad. We got married in the 'yellow room' (we didn't want a church as we aren't overly religious) and it was just beautiful and the perfect size for our guests. Lots of natural light and that beautiful decor complete with an amazing chandelier!

Our sit down meal was in the 'saloon' and again it just looked perfect. The tables were set our very neutral and simple but just how I wanted it. We didn't have the tradition long 'top table', we had 6 round tables, ours was in the middle and the top of the room but I loved this layout more than a long table. It worked so well and we didn't have any issues with it either.

The venue actually recommend our florist, Elly Bane. When I found out she had been called upon to provide floral displays for visits to the city by HM the Queen, I thought she'd probably be good enough for me ;) As it was an October wedding, I went for the burgundy and peach colour scheme but mainly the lighter neutral colours. I wanted tall vases for the tables but I didn't want them to get in the way of people talking so Elly recommended the clear thin tubes which worked well. I love the addition of the flower in the bottom with the stones.

My bouquet turned out absolutely perfect, I wanted it packed quite close and round with the similar colours but mainly white & Elly got it spot on! I was more happy with the flowers than I thought I'd be!

 The Saloon was then transformed into our dance floor while we had drinks in the bar and mingled around the house (we had hired the whole thing so had use of all the rooms). We had a main dance floor and then we left some tables and chairs in at the back of the room so people could sit down, especially when eating!

Our venue was truly perfect for us, there are so many beautiful spots for photos around the hotel, it's a grand venue but elegant and simple. What made the venue even more special to us is that Kat was absolutely amazing. She basically turned into our wedding planner and was always emailing asking on decisions, letting us know we should book certain things or pay for certain things and we honestly couldn't have done it without her. The wedding itself went SO smoothly on the day as well, not one thing went wrong and it was all down her meticulous planning. I think she did more than me ;)

Thank you Kat!

Stay tuned for the post in my wedding series.. it's all about my dress!

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