Sunday 2 April 2017

Our Somerset Wedding - My dress, the suits & our beautiful flower girls!

I feel like my dress took me forever to find.. on my first wedding dress shopping trip, I tried on lots of different styles and I didn't really like any of them! Originally, I wanted an all lace, fitted dress but after trying about 4 on, I just realised it didn't feel or look right. They felt and looked too heavy for me and I felt like they drowned me. So the quest for what did feel right was on..

I had been recommended to try Abbey Brides in Sherborne and so I booked an appointment.. however I nearly cancelled it. The day we were supposed to be going I didn't feel great and was really bloated.. I felt like I wouldn't look good in anything but decided to go anyway. Good job I did as it was that day I found my dream dress!

I picked a few out to try on and again,. I felt none of them were working and was getting disappointed. My mum picked one off the rail and asked me to try it and I looked at her like she was crazy.. it looked to boring. However the second I saw it on me, I knew it was the one and on closer inspection, it had everything I was looking for which was a tough list to tick off! 

My list of what I wanted in my wedding dress was...
NOT satin,
Ivory not white or coloured,
Scalloped edges, 
Sweetheart neckline,
Not too much 'bling' but beading/detail at the bust,
Fitted, but not too 'mermaid' around my hips,
Buttons down the back not corset,
Detailing on the back somewhere,
Not too long a train.

What I loved about this dress was the fact it had the tulle layer all the way over it, even though the dress was satin which I didn't want, the tulle covered that and gave it a much softer look which I loved. I also knew this was 'the one' as even though I felt really bloated, I felt it didn't show and I still felt amazing in it. I still took a day to think about it and tried a few more on but I couldn't get this one of our my head, so I rang up and snapped it up! It was a Benjamin Roberts dress but is sadly now discontinued! 

I also loved the beading work at the top, it was so pretty yet still quite subtle. It also had some flower detail on the hip and on the back which I loved so much! For my something 'old', my mum had some beads from her wedding dress stitched on the inside and the seamstress also stitched in a blue butterfly for me for my 'something blue! I had some adjustments made, this dress didn't originally have the sweetheart neckline but the seamstress put that in for me, I also had the length taken up and I had it off the floor so you could just about see my shoes. I also got my veil from Abbey Brides and it was a Cathedral length veil with a little bit of detail around the edges, however it didn't stay in too well so I took it off after the ceremony! 

My shoes were from Yumi in the Clarks village outlet, as soon as I saw them I loved them! I really wanted gold shoes right from the start of planning our wedding but every others I found looked 'too gold' or 'too tacky'.. (can you tell I'm quite fussy!) so I did actually already have standard wedding shoes from BHS. However, I knew in my heart I wanted gold and these were the perfect shade of subtle gold, were comfortable and had the flower detail to match my dress, so it seemed like fate! I still have the other standard shoes here, unworn...

My handsome husband and the groomsmen, plus our dads and my brothers all wore the same suit. We hired these gorgeous navy suits from Frederick L Mabb in Yeovil, along with the white shirts and rushed ties As he was the groom, Warren had a burgundy tie so he stood out while everyone else had peach. Their shoes, we bought from Brantano and they all had a different colour pair of socks that we bought from Next.. Warren really wanted this and I love the photos! Everyone had peach buttonholes which pulled it all together. 

Our beautiful flower girls looked adorable! Sienna and our Goddaughter, Isabella wore their Roco clothing dresses and Aria wore a dress from Next. They all wore tights & shoes from Next & all had little fur shrugs over the top to keep them warm as it was October but it was actually a beautiful day! Sienna's was from Wonderful wraps and the other 2 were from Next. Their amazing headbands were custom made by the lovely Georgina over at Eden and Primrose and matched our colours perfectly, I couldn't have envisioned anything better!

We had a bit of a 'whoops' with the bridesmaid dresses.. originally I wanted them in the burgundy so I stood out a bit more in my ivory dress but we ordered one and when it arrived we didn't like it! I then completely changed my mind on the colour and wanted more neutral/champagne coloured dresses which were hard to find! I ended up finding these nude ones on ASOS and they were such a bargain and I think they look way more expensive than they were. I love the delicate 'boho' feel and the detailing on the cold shoulders looked good with my dress! As the dress were long, the girls just wore their own shoes as I wasn't too fussy about that and wanted them to be comfortable!

Stay tuned for all the other photos and information I have to share coming up soon!

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