Monday 3 April 2017

Our Somerset wedding - Make-up, hair & accessories!

My make-up hair & accessories were all things I left until the last minute as I was so unsure on what to have or wear! With my hair, all the way through, I was going to have it just curled and down however my hair doesn't hold a curl very well, even with hairspray and I also felt like I should put a bit more effort in as I always wear my hair down. 

I tried a half up half down look and a fishtail but I still wasn't sure.. in the end, I decided to wait until how I felt on the morning of the wedding. Everyone though I was crazy but I trusted my instinct! My bridesmaid was doing my hair and a few weeks before the wedding I told her I wanted it curled, pinned up messily with bits hanging down the front. On the morning on the wedding, we hadn't practised but she just went for it! It turned out perfect and I was so happy with my up-do! To accessorise my hair, I had a little headband in the front, a hair comb and some hair spinners (all from Claire's). I was worried it would look too much but if you can't go all on your wedding day, when can you?!

My make-up was done by Daisy from Sanctuary in Bruton and she did it amazingly. I was thinking of doing it myself as I know how I like my make-up but I didn't want to be stressed. I went for a trial with Daisy and loved it first time, it was similar to how I do my 'everyday' make-up but just a bit stronger and more special. For my base, I got her to use my trusty Estee Lauder foundation (I'm in the colour Tawny) though so I knew my skin wouldn't freak out. My lipstick was also one of my own, I went for the KIKO lipstick in 'dark tea rose' on the outside and then my favourite nude, MUA's 'the one' in the middle to lighten it a bit.

Jewellery wise, I went for these gorgeous Cubic drop earrings from Crystal Bridal Accessories, I never wear big earrings so I knew they'd stand out and worked perfectly with my hair up. Because I had quite a lot going on in my hair and my earrings, I left my back bare which I really liked. I then had a bracelet which was very sentimental to us, as it was passed down from Warren's Nan who had sadly passed away a few months before the wedding. My garter was my something 'borrowed' from my mum's friend!

When we were planning the wedding, someone recommended I buy a new perfume especially for the wedding day. This way when you smell it, it will remind you of that day. I loved this idea and so I bought the Michael Kors 'Wonderlust' perfume, still now when I wear it Warren says it reminds him of our wedding day! I love it! 

Next up is the venue, flowers & decor coming soon!

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