Tuesday 11 April 2017

Our Somerset Wedding - The CAKES!

wedding cake doughnut tower
wedding cake cheese cake

 Warren and I don't actually like 'cake' such a sponge, we find it too dry and flavourless and we aren't fans or fruit cake either, so when it came to having a wedding cake we knew we didn't want a traditional one.

My favourite treat though, is a good old doughnut and so we decided to go for a doughnut tower and it definitely impressed everyone! We met with Naomi from Plan It Cake as we felt we could trust her with our ideas, her work is amazing and she just seemed so lovely! I'm not going to lie, I was nervous at the fact you can't see it before the day but it was perfect. If you are local in Somerset, I highly, highly recommend her.. you can see from her work how amazing she is!

She got up at about 2am the morning of our wedding day to start making 220 doughnuts for us and then bought them over to the venue and set the tower up for us. She wanted them to be as fresh as possible and they were so delicious! Each layer was a different flavour and she decorated some with sugar, some with white icing and dotted flowers around. I still felt like it was pretty and 'wedding like'. She also made a little carrot cake for the top so we still had something to cut as we did like that tradition. It was the best carrot cake ever by the way!

I knew I didn't want a tradition cake topper either, I wanted something simple.. I found this 'Best day ever' one on Amazon and loved it so we went with that and some flowers from the florist. Simple but perfect!

To decorate the cake table, again we kept it simple as I loved just having the doughnut tower infant of the mirror, but we added a cute '&' ornament personalised with 'Mr and Mrs Conway' and a little gold ribbon with our wedding date on the tag from Tilly mops.

 We also decided on a cheesecake or cheese tower as well.. Warren loves cheese and often chooses a cheese board over a dessert so it made sense to have the two options. Most of the cheese was served with crackers and chutney in the evening, along with cones of fish and chips and the leftover doughnuts. Yum!

Our cheesecake was from Wyke farms and again, it looked so impressive. The venue supplied, the stand, Wyke Farms supplied the cows and I dug the greenery out of my Christmas decorations, haha! We also bought some grapes and figs to put around it and used another cake topped that said 'Just married' for the top.

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