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First impressions of the Cozy 'n' Safe Merlin carseat

I love reading first impression posts as I feel like they are so honest and go on the 'real' first thoughts. We've been using the Cozy 'n' Safe Merlin carseat for just a couple of weeks now so I thought I'd be an honest as possible to help anyone who is deciding on this carseat.

1. Fitting Instructions (3/5)

I'm going to be honest here, we didn't even find the fitting instructions. Apparently they are in the little storage compartment on the back of the seat yet it isn't made clear at all. However.. we managed to work it out pretty easily without these instructions! I'd recommend making this a bit clearer to people although these are picture instructions on the side of the carseat which are easy to follow. Our instructions are still in there and I haven't looked at them so I am doing this review totally honest or 'blind' if you like!
Top tip: You can download a copy of the booklet from the website if you ever loose the real thing!

See Warren's unboxing of the carseat here; 

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2. Installing the MERLIN (4.5/5) 

We have a Nissan Qashqai so the Isofix is compatible. The carseat is quite easy to install, as the base isn't separate to the actual seat, it makes life easier. Once you have pulled the iso fix bars out, you have to attach them onto the Isofix points in your car.. this was relatively easy although my husband did note that he couldn't get the bars to 'lock' out and so if they didn't hook onto the isofix bars straight away and hit the seat, they'd be pushed back in and he had to keep pulling them out and trying again. (There may well be a way to 'lock' them out in the instructions, but as I said we haven't looked it up and are going on first impressions!) Even so, it only took a couple of goes to hook them on and the switched turned green to tell us we were safe! You also have the support leg that goes onto the floor and this was really easy to adjust and felt nice and sturdy. We have used one in the past that was hard to adjust the height which was frustrating moving it from car to car but this one is fool proof and again it has the switch that turns green to tell you it's fitted correctly.

Cozy 'n' Safe Merlin carseat review

3. Adjusting the headrest/harness, and using the rotation (5 /5) 

We have given this a 5/5 on the rotation really. It's really easy to use, you just pull the handle/lever out from the front of the seat and twist it around. This makes getting them in and out SO much easier and she's actually been happy to get into it which has been a lot more stress free. She used to start screaming as soon as you sat her in a carseat! It's taken me a while to get used to doing it, purely because I'm not used to having this feature ever before so I sometimes still put her in normally and make life harder for myself! We have adjusted the harness really easily to make the straps a bit longer, the button works easily and isn't stiff. We haven't adjusted the headrest yet (although looking at these pictures I might need to put it up a tiny bit?!) but it looks easy and I think it on the whole, this carseat will adjust to her growing easily and comfortably!

Top tip: Remember to leave the seat rotated when you take them out otherwise it's harder to get them back in or hold them and twist it back around.

4. Comfort & Safety (5/5) 

The Merlin feels extremely safe.. it's a super sturdy seat and has a lot of deep padding and contours all around it that is really soft and gentle on skin. I love that it reclines facing both ways giving the ultimate comfort factor to your baby/child if they are tired and nod off. You can tell a lot of research, time and effort has been spent on the design and it comes with a newborn insert to help make babies even more comfortable. I wish we'd had this when Aria was tiny!

5. Style, look and feel (4/5)

I do like the look of the Merlin, at first I thought it was really big and bulky but actually I've decided that's a plus point because it feels much more safer and that's all you can ask for in a carseat. I would like a different choice of colours, I wouldn't choose red or blue in any other carseat, I'd either go for pink as my girls love pink or a more subtle neutral colour like grey. I'm really nitpicking here though as there aren't many negatives at all! Without looking at instructions, I feel like the covers might be quite tricky to get on and off to wash but on the plus point I think they'd wash well as they are fab quality and lovely material! 

6. Price point (5/5)

The Cozy 'n' Safe Merlin carseat is available from Tesco £300 and Toys R Us £329. I really think this is such a good price point considering how sturdy and safe the carseat feels and how it can be used from newborn until around 4 years old. With Aria, I bought a branded newborn carseat for just over £100 and it has only lasted her the first year. You are much better off buying something like this from the start and it lasting 4 years. 

Top tip: The only thing to note is as it is a sturdier carseat, it is heavy to move from car to car. You also can't take the carseat out, without the base.. so if you do have a newborn, you can't leave them asleep in the carseat and carry them in it. 

 So that's our first impressions of this carseat, I hope it was helpful and I'll back in a couple of months to do a little update on how we've found it!

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Cozy 'n' Safe Merlin carseat review

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