Sunday 5 March 2017

UK Day Trips To Delight (That Aren't In London!)

There are so many wonderful things to see and do in the UK. The country is rich with history, architecture, scenery and more things to do and see than you could ever fit into a lifetime.

It’s therefore a real shame that the vast majority of travel guides talk about one place, and one place alone: London. Sure, there will be the occasional offhand reference to the spas at Bath or the Cornish coast - but overwhelmingly, advice and travel tips are so London-centric that the rest of the country gets left out.

Given the promise of wonders within a relatively small travelling distance, why not expand and treat yourself to a day out with a difference?

Ludlow Castle, Wales

UK Day Trips To Delight (That Aren't In London!)

Ludlow Castle is a fascinating historical castle that sits in the middle of a very quaint modern town. In the Medieval period, Ludlow was traditionally the home of the heir to the throne as he (it was always a he - even Elizabeth I didn’t live at Ludlow) could learn the art of governance.

Modern Ludlow Castle is a short drive from the Wales-England border through Shropshire. The Castle is incorporated into a pretty market town, with stunning countryside rising up around it.

Cheddar Gorge and Stonehenge, Somerset and Wiltshire
Cheddar Gorge is the UK’s answer to the Grand Canyon. It might not be quite as spectacular, but its stunning scenery provides one of the best picturesque drives in the country. It also has attractions and caving experiences that are perfect for kids.

If you really want to make a day of it, a short trip across beautiful countryside will bring you to Stonehenge. This ancient settlement is still standing the test of time after thousands of years and is well worth seeing in person.

Blue John Cavern, Derbyshire

One of the best explored and most navigable caves in the UK, kids will love the experience of the Blue John Cavern. Found deep in the hills of the Peak District, this unique rock formation is well-used to thrilling both children and adults alike.

As you’re in the Peak District, why not make a geology field trip have a historical edge too? Within day travelling distance from the cavern, you will find the old village of Eyam. Eyam was famously closed to the public in the 17th century, as the population was routed by the virulent Black Death. There’s a museum to learn about this village’s macabre history, as well as various sites in the nearby hills to explore.

Snowdonia, Wales

There are not enough words in the English language to describe the beauty that is Snowdonia. Near to the west coast of Wales, it’s a National Park that has everything you could ask for. Stunning views to drive through, mountains to climb, lakes to explore by boat.

The only problem with Snowdonia is that it’s not the best day trip. It’s so beautiful and immersive you will want to stay there for much longer than that. Base yourself in Snowdonia itself and then day trip to Conwy Bay, slightly further north, for a seaside experience you won’t forget.


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