Tuesday 7 March 2017

Leave the Kids Behind for A Romantic Weekend in London

Sometimes, when you have kids, you just need to get away from it all for a while - without them. Whether it's just an evening or a week's holiday, leaving the kids to have fun with their grandparents or someone else gives you the freedom to have some adult time without them. If you want to get away as a couple, you can't go wrong with a quick trip to London. For many people, it's just a quick train journey away. There's plenty to see and do, whether you're looking for a romantic weekend or an activity-packed day out. If you're looking for romance, you can take the opportunity to do lots of things without the kids.

Book into an Adult Hotel

When the kids are with you, you have to think about how family-friendly your accommodation is. You need to check that hotels have connecting rooms or space for travel cots and fold-out beds. You need apartments to be stocked with highchairs and other paraphernalia. But on your own, you don't need any of that. You can even seek out adult-only areas of hotels. While even the luxury hotels of London cater to kids, you can still treat yourself to somewhere where you wouldn't ordinarily take them. Maybe Blakes, where the Corfu Suite was named the Sexiest Bedroom by Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Find out more about the hotel at http://www.blakeshotels.com.

Enjoy a Grownup Dinner

Another great thing about leaving the kids at home is not having to find an appropriate restaurant. You don't need highchairs or booster seats, and you won't be dealing with tantrums mid-meal. You can go anywhere you want to. London is home to a number of Michelin-starred restaurants if you want to treat yourself. You can enjoy eating at the establishments of famous names, such as Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal. Then there are the bistros and boltholes that you can try if you want a more intimate (and cheaper) experience.

Take a Trip Down the River

There's a huge river running through London, but many people don't use it to explore the city. They should, though, as a trip down the Thames can be very romantic. If you want to up the romance for your dinner, you can take a dinner cruise. Have a look at http://www.thamesdinnercruise.co.uk/ for more information. Not everyone has the same idea of romance, though. Maybe you would prefer to go speeding along the river with the Thames RIB experience, which gives you a taste of what it might be like to be James Bond making a speedy getaway.

A Night on the Town

No need for early nights when the kids aren't with you, or for watching how much you drink. Make the most of your time in London and head out for some drinks, or just head down to the hotel bar. If you want to splash out, you can go somewhere like The Savoy, but there are bars and pubs at different price ranges to try.

An escape to London could be just what you need if you feel like a break from the kids. Just make sure they get to have fun without you!


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