Saturday 25 March 2017

Introducing tableware to a BLW baby with Munchkin #ad

Over the past couple of months, we have started introducing cutlery and tableware to Aria. When we first started weaning, we didn't use a plate or anything as within 10 seconds, it ended up on the floor, so we would put her food straight on the table or highchair tray.

To introduce cutlery, we started giving her a spoon to 'play' with at around 7 months and slowly she has got the hang of scooping. Now that she is 13 months, she is very much into copying her big sister with everything, including eating with a plate and so we thought it was time to get her some of her own.

Munchkin has been one of my favourite brands since having Sienna, so we were excited to receive this package full of goodies and put them to use. Inside we received 2 White Hot® Plates, 3 White Hot® Bowls, Miracle®360ᵒ Sippy Cup 10oz/296ml (Pink), Snack Catcher™, Scooper Spoon and Go Bowl.

I love the bright colours & sturdy designs of Munchkin products and these do not disappoint in that area at all. Aria was definitely intrigued in using these which is half the battle I find! The first product that caught my eye was the White Hot® plates and bowls. 

They have a patented White Hot® strip down the middle, and these activate and turn bright white if the food is too warm for consumption. It's such a good idea and a brilliant concept to teach toddlers that things can be hot. I love how the sides are higher too, making it easier for them to scoop up food. 

The snack catcher is also a brilliant product.. if you watch my videos, you may see that Aria likes to sit on the rug to have her snack with her big sister, but 9 times out of 10, whatever she is eating ends up tipped on the floor and the dog eats it! This fun snack catcher is spill proof yet easy for toddlers to use and get their snack out of. 

The scooper spoons are the perfect 'first spoon' to use for self-feeding. They have an extra large spoon bowl which makes it easier to scoop more food. The handles are easy to grip and are the perfect size for toddlers. Aria loves these and has been very successful in her self-feeing with these, as you can see from the mess!

A product that's perfect for the changing bag or for travelling is the 'Go bowl'.. it's made from non-toxic silicone and collapses flat to save space and then expands to hold the food and a good amount of food I must say! It also has an easy grip handle so they can hold it. This has been permanently in my changing bag and we use it when we eat out, it will be so handy for our upcoming trips too as restaurants usually only have china plates and they aren't so forgiving when chucked on the floor...

We also love the Miracle®360ᵒ Sippy Cup and have used this product the most, Aria uses it everyday to drink her juice or water! She always has a puzzled look on her face like she can't work out how the drink is coming out haha, it's so cute! These sippy cups are my favourite as they are dentist recommended as they are a spoutless design so don't damage teeth and I love how the seal automatically seals when child stops drinking to completely eliminate spills. They are also an easy to clean design and have no valves that could potentially go mouldy yet are easy to drink from. 

We love every item we have tried and I'm sure they will remain firm favourites over time!

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Do you love Munchkin products? What is your favourite product? 

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