Wednesday 15 March 2017

How I entertained my one year old this week!

Keeping a one year old happy all day sounds pretty simple doesn't it? Until you're actually met with the task itself..

I have mentioned that I have been really struggling to see Aria entertained & happy all day. She is constantly on the go and moves from one thing to the next. I find it so much easier taking her out as there are generally new, fun things for her to explore rather than our living for the ten millionth time.

Here's how I entertain my one year old!

how to entertain a one year old

On Monday we got the ball pit out! If you don't already own a ball pit, I highly recommend one! We have had this since our first daughter was one (she's now 4) and it has lasted so well & we have used it so much! We have the Hamley's one but there is plenty of cheaper alternatives such as this one, I also recommend lots of the play balls (we're desperate for some more can you tell?) ;) not only to go in it but for other activities too! (I will show you in a future post if you're interested?!)

When my 4 year old got home from pre-school, we decided to use it as a tent on top of us and hide from Daddy when he came home, both girls loved it!

 Tuesday was one of those hard mornings & I just had to get out the house with them but couldn't face soft play. I had a present to get for our god daughter but I knew the girls hated shopping so we headed to none other than Mothercare! I managed to get a present and the girls let off some steam playing in the wendy house & looking at the toys. They were in much better moods having had a little play so we actually went for lunch in the nearest pub.

Waiting for food is always a bit tricky when you're out with kids but I always order a jug of ice water & then the girls play with the ice cubes! Both my girls love holding it, letting it melt, zooming it around the table.. it makes a lot of water but I just make sure to use a napkin and wipe it off just as the food is served! It keeps them occupied & I get a hot coffee in peace! Parenting win!

On Wednesday's, there's a local toddler group from 10:30 until 12.. if the weather isn't awful, I will usually walk, it's a good 20 minutes walk each way and I generally need something in the shop on the way back so it gives us a good 2.5 hours out the house! It's only £2 as well and we both get a drink and a snack!

We are so lucky that my husband's mum has every other Thursday off work so we had some fun at Grandma's house. This day it wasn't raining and the sun was shining so we took a walk to her house and the girls played in the garden most of the afternoon! They love going on the slide, chasing each other, laying with dollies and crunching leaves! It's a great way to kill a few hours, I feel like we desperately need a garden for the Summer!

On Friday, my mum had the day off work so we went for lunch. We generally go to a local one near us as it has a little children's play area for Aria to play in! It isn't huge but it keeps her happy & allows her to run around rather than being strapped in the highchair.

 On Saturday, my husband had football so me and the girls had a lazy day. We stayed in our PJs playing all day! We got out the ball pit again but this time I switched things up by getting them to throw the balls into a basket from inside the ball pit. For my 4 year old, I gradually moved it further away but if you just have a younger toddler, just leave it where it is and see how many balls they can get in! This kept them occupied for longer than I thought it would! When it was full, they loved emptying it back into the ball pit and then starting all over again!

 Sunday was our family day with Daddy so we headed out on a welly walk after having breakfast out! It didn't go quite to plan, both girls were tired and had a meltdown about 15 minutes into our walk, so we ended it early and came home but it still got us out the house for an hour or so and they still got fresh air. My one year old loved stomping in all the mud and puddles to begin with!

So that was our week in a nutshell.. I try to switch things up to keep them engaged, these aren't necessarily super hard or expensive ideas but I know sometimes you just need inspiration, especially when you're tired.. you just can't think of what to do?! 

Let me know if you like this and I will do more!

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