Tuesday 28 March 2017

An open letter to my 18 year old self...

Dear Kerry...

You're 18 right now and have no idea what life holds for you. You feel unsure about the future and are uncomfortable in your body. 

I know you look in the mirror and hate what you see.. your 'big' thighs and you're 'women bearing hips'. You're always comparing yourself to other people, taking photos and deleting them in disgust, buying magazines to flick through, cutting out pictures of those models and celebrities as 'inspiration' and go on a fad diet only to throw them all out next week as your 'body goals' seem too far from reality.

 But if only you knew that one day you will be more determined than ever, you will do it the right way by healthy eating and exercising and you will stick to it. You will finally feel more comfortable in your body and stop comparing so much. You will be the ugly ducking.

An open letter to my 18 year old self

I know you look in the mirror and worry you'll never get married.. you don't feel worthy enough and feel uncomfortable about being intimate due to your PCOS causing 'problems'.

But if only you knew that you will find the one. You will find that man that loves the bones of you, supports you, finds you attractive and never wants anything more. You will have the wedding of your dreams and be the blushing bride, feeling confident and beautiful at last.

I know you've been told you have 3% chance of conceiving naturally, I know you worry about never being able to have kids, about your dreams being shattered as thats all you've ever wanted.

But if only you knew you will get to live your dreams.. you will be surprised one day to find out you're pregnant after not even trying. A shock at the time but ultimately, your dream come true and although it may be hard at first, she is TOTALLY worth it. 

I know you worry that you don't know what direction to go in for your career. You did well in your GCSE'S but worry you didn't really like any subject that much to make a career out of it. You're doing Beauty Therapy at college but only because your friends are & you secretly dislike it.

But if only you knew, your career will flourish when you have your first daughter in a way you could have never even thought of.. you will start writing a blog for memories and within a few years, it will turn into a career you got off the ground all by yourself. You will turn your passion of parenting and sharing experiences in a fully paying job and you will be proud of what you have created.

I know you worry about going through the hard times, the responsibility of growing up and are getting more aware of the hard times life can bring and the challenges of being an 'adult'.

But if only you knew that the hard times will make you stronger and bring you closer in relationships.. You WILL have hard times.. but if only you knew too that you will get through these hardest times.. you will have your soulmate beside you, you will ride it out together and you will come out the other side.

So while life may seem a little uncertain at the moment, I promise you have a good path ahead of you.. just keep going and try to learn along the way. 

"Good things come to those who wait"

Love, 25 year old me x

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