Monday 13 March 2017

A trip to the UK's largest science centre - @ Bristol

A couple of weekends ago, I felt like I needed a good family day out yet the weather was awful as always so I was racking my brains where we could go. I have a little google and remembered I had wanted to take Sienna to @ Bristol for so long, but we hadn't got round to it! 
We didn't give anything else a thought, we hopped in the car and headed towards Bristol for a spontaneous visit!

@ Bristol is the UK's largest science centre and home to the UK's only 3D Planetarium which is amazing! It's such an educational place and I didn't realise how big it was or exactly how much there was to do, I don't think we got to see half of it so we definitely need to go back again! I'm actually thinking of getting a membership as it works out cheaper if you got 3 times or more in one year.

Sienna's very ready for school and absolutely loves learning about anything and everything. The downstairs area you first walk into was more about the world and the body which is right up Sienna's street.. her favourite book is her human body book!

Both girls really enjoyed learning about the different temperature, I don't know why but they both love touching cold things and playing with ice, are your kids the same?!

It was so interactive, even miss Aria got involved at only a year old! There was lots to see and kids were encouraged to touch and explore which I think helps them learn even more.

The 3D Planetarium was so exciting for all of us, it's so innovative & such an amazing idea. Sienna still thinks we went into 'actual space' that day! I wasn't allowed to take any photos or videos once it started but it was basically a man doing a presentation all about space and getting the kids involved by playing games or shouting out answers. There was a big projection on the ceiling, showing the solar system and moving around, it felt like we were flying and looking out into space, exploring the planets. It was such a good experience and so educational as well!

After the Planetarium, we headed to the upstairs section. I'd say this was aimed at younger children as it seemed more like play time rather than learning with robots, building soft play and bubble making but of course, children learn from everything!

We didn't get much time upstairs, we quickly hopped from one thing to the next just to have a quick go as the girls were getting hungry and tired but next time we'd head straight up there I think. It was more appropriate for our aged girls I think personally!

We really enjoyed our day and would highly recommend if you're ever in Somerset or around Bristol!



*We paid for entry ourselves and this is not in anyway in collaboration with @ Bristol. All thoughts are honest and my own.

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