Monday 13 February 2017

Valentine's plans!

I can't believe it's Valentine's day this week already.. it feels like Christmas was just the other day! Although I'm not complaining that it's nearly the middle of February already.. the sooner Spring gets here, the better.. I'm so over this cold weather!

Last Valentine's day, I was about to pop.. Aria was born on 17th February 2016, so I was 9 months pregnant & exhausted! I can't believe she will be one years old on Friday, it has been the quickest year of my life!

To be honest, we never really do much for Valentine's day.. we never really have the whole 6 years we've been together... but I feel now we have 2 kids and our time together is limited, we should start celebrating it more. I used to think that it shouldn't be about one day, you should show your love all the time.. and while I still do think that (obviously), I think sometimes when you're busy parents.. you need that kick up the butt in terms of a special 'day' to actually plan something special and spend some quality time together.

It doesn't have to be anything crazy.. just a nice meal, a couple hours out alone at the cinema or some new luxury underwear shows you have made an effort. No doubt we will do a low key night in as it's hard to expect someone to babysit both girls for us, but it can still be special. I've tried really hard to catch up with a lot of work so I can take Tuesday night 'off' and I'm going to cook us a lovely 3 course meal, of our favourite foods and have a candle lit dinner and then watch a film.

It sounds so simple but it's something we never do so hopefully we will both enjoy it.. our first Valentine's as a married couple!

Throwback to Valentine's 2015..



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