Wednesday 1 February 2017

The Ways You Didn't Know Technology Could Make Life Easier

We all know how useful technology can be in day to day life. The invention of the internet has made everything easier. Even so, we may not realise how much technology can do for us. With the invention of things like mobile apps, there’s no end to the help we can receive! Some of you may already have caught onto the benefits technology offers. For those of you who haven’t, this checklist should give you some idea of how technology can make life easier!


From heart rate monitors to fitness apps, technology can help with health no end. You could even download a doctors app to save you visiting a doctor in person! Get to grips with the help available, and make the most of your options. Get around to that exercise regime by downloading a programme or app that helps you keep track! Bear in mind that technology can be damaging if done wrong! We’ve all diagnosed ourselves with a deadly disease after an online session. Remember to stay sensible. Nothing can beat a professional diagnosis.


The days of scribbling dates in your diary are long gone. You can do it all on a computer or your phone, now! All you need to do is work out which programme works for you. Most devices come with a calendar already installed. Give this a go and see how you get on. If that doesn’t work for you, don’t give up! There are plenty of alternatives you can try instead. It may take a few tries, but you won’t look back when you find a programme that works. The benefit of using a digital calendar is that you’ll receive updates when you have an event coming up. There’s no excuse for forgetting with one of these! Some people find it useful to keep different calendars for different purposes. If you’re struggling with every programme you use, the problem may be that you’re trying to keep track of too much. You could set up a calendar which just has your work commitments on it. Why not use your computer for work, and your phone for personal?


It goes without saying that technology has made communication easier. No longer do we have to rely on letters or face to face contact to keep in touch with the people we love. Even so, it’s possible you’re not using the benefits to their full effect! With inventions like Facebook and Whatsapp, you don’t even have to rely on messaging anymore. And, with Skype, you can hold as many free video calls as you like! Technology can also make keeping track of emails easier. If you have a job where you email a lot, linking your account to your phone is a fantastic idea. That way, you’ll receive instant updates when you receive a reply. If you go down this route, make sure to turn those notifications off at the end of the working day. You’ve got to have some downtime, after all!

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