Tuesday 21 February 2017

How to take the hassle out of making a home insurance claim

With any luck, you will never have to make a home insurance claim. However, it’s impossible to predict the future, and in the event that something unfortunate happens, such as a flood, fire or burglary, you’ll have enough to worry about without fretting over whether or not your claim will go through. So, to ensure you’re prepared to deal with this process without any unnecessary hassle, keep reading.

Use an independent insurance broker

You can purchase home insurance directly from insurers. However, instead of approaching these companies, you might want to consider using an independent insurance broker. There are a whole host of benefits associated with using these companies. For example, independent insurance brokers Forum Insurance offer policies that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and budget, meaning you can rest assured that you’re suitably covered.

Brokers are also adept at making the claims process simple and stress-free, meaning they can take the difficulty out of what might otherwise be a long and complex process. Also, opting to use a broker instead of signing up directly with an insurance company could mean you’re able to benefit from a more personalised, reassuring service when you find yourself in a tricky situation. 

Update your details when your circumstances change
Failing to update your policy is an insurance faux pas you’re going to want to avoid. While having cover in place is extremely important, your home insurance policy might not be as effective as you’d like if your details aren’t being kept up-to-date when your circumstances change. Whether you make an expensive purchase, upgrade your alarm system or carry out any home renovations, you should update your policy details in line with these changes to make sure that you’re suitably covered, and to ensure your policy is valid. In turn, this will make for a smoother process should you need to put in a claim.

Keep your paperwork in a safe place 
In the event you have to file a claim, it’s likely that you’ll want to get the process underway as soon as possible. So, to ensure that you’re able to get the ball rolling, it pays to have your policy paperwork organised and in a safe place. Ideally, you should keep your policy number to hand, as most insurance companies will require this in order to start a claim. It also helps to have both digital and hard copies of your policy details.

While you may hope that the need never arises, putting these tips into practice could help take the hassle out of making a home insurance claim.


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