Tuesday 14 February 2017

3 finishing touches that will make your house a home

Whether you’ve just moved into your property or you’ve been there a while but haven’t quite got around to putting your own stamp on it yet, the following three finishing touches should help you transform it from a house into a proper family home.

1. Perfect your lighting
Why not try a new take on lighting in your property? Simple overheads and the odd lamp or two might serve a practical purpose, but with a little imagination and some more innovative illuminations, you can completely transform the look and feel of the rooms in your home. For example, you could create a cosy ambiance with some gorgeous and practical flameless LED candles or achieve a quirky look with the help of colourful LED furniture. Meanwhile, simply hanging string lights in your bedroom can give the space a magical quality. There’s no shortage of stunning illuminations to try. From subtle lights to statement pieces, you won’t struggle to find designs that suit your interior design style.

2. Showcase your best snaps
You might have loads of snaps featuring everything from your kids to pets and favourite holiday spots. One quick and easy way to put your personal take on a property is to showcase a selection of your best photos. Photo frames are a timeless choice, but why not take things a step further and get large printed canvases of your top shots? This process transforms your pictures into works of art and it’s a great way to inject some colour and individuality into your rooms. As well as images of your loved ones, why not show off your artistic side and display some of your most eye-catching landscape shots? From serene beach scenes to dramatic mountain pics, you might have the perfect images to complement your design scheme.

3. Play around with colour
Don’t be afraid to get creative with colour. Experimenting with different hues around your home will help to give it a unique look. Feature walls, a selection of vibrant soft furnishings and some carefully chosen artwork could all help you to enhance the look of your property. If you’re reluctant to be bold with your choice of colours in most parts of your home, focus your creativity on your bedrooms. These areas give you the ideal opportunity to showcase your personality - or your kids’ personalities if you’re decorating their rooms. Remember, if you get sick of a particular colour scheme, you can simply switch things up and replace them with new hues.

Putting your stamp on a home can seem like a challenge, but in fact a few simple changes could completely transform your property and ensure it feels like home. 

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