Tuesday 3 January 2017

Our UK family bucket list

I wanted to do a family bucket list of places to go this year within the UK that we have just never got round to going too. This way I can A) Share those places with you and B) Come back to this list when I have one of those mind blank moments at the weekend! Read on to find out our UK family bucket this for 2017!


I always feel that we live in a beautiful place, yet we never go and see the sights on our doorstep. We live in the country which is were our love of exploring and being outside has come from, yet I often feel there is nothing to do or nowhere to go. I know in reality there are hundreds of places to go and things I have wanted to see, but in those moments, my mind goes blank.

We didn't do much last year as it was quite busy with a newborn and wedding planning, but here's a few of the places and events we did manage to go too in 2016...

Sightseeing in London
Farrington's Pumpkin patch
Cardiff to see Beyonce
The Yeovil show
Bournemouth beach
Bluestone, Wales

My favourite photos from those days last year..

Warren has decided to give up football on Saturdays (after 4 years of persuasion from me) ;) so that we can make more memories and enjoy our weekends. Last year, I felt like I was basically a single mum 6 days of the week with only Sundays as our family days. I know he has to work and that isn't anyones fault but it still 'got to me' so to speak. We'd also then want to do opposite things on Sundays.. I wanted to get out as I'd be in the house most of the time with the girls doing the chores and Warren wanted to stay in and relax as it was his only day to do so. Hopefully this way we can explore on Saturdays and relax on Sundays.. that's how I think family weekends should be ;)

I also feel like now Aria sleeps and doesn't breastfeed every hour, I have a bit more enthusiasm and energy to get out there and do things with them!

Places in the UK to visit this year...

Longleat festival of light (This is already booked for 14th Jan, I'm so excited!)
- Moors valley again (Sienna wants to take Daddy, we went with friends last year)
- Strawberry picking at Chosen hill farm in the Summer
As well as these, we do have a little holiday planned in the middle of July. We're only going to Weymouth but it should be fun. My whole family is going to celebrate my Dad's 50th birthday and we will be renting a really big house for us all to stay in! We will do some days all together and some days we'll go off in different directions... we might visit the aquarium or spend the day at the beach and do a boat ride or something, depending on the weather of course.

Most these ideas I got from Jess's blog Along came cherry, her blog is amazing and she's been to all of these places and they look fab! I really can't wait to explore this year with my little family! 

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