Sunday 15 January 2017

Longleat festival of lights

On Saturday, we headed to Longleat to their festival of light. We went a few years ago (see our Longleat at Christmas vlog here) when we only had Sienna and absolutely loved it so we wanted to go back now we have two little girls to enjoy it! This year, it was featuring the enchanting characters of Beatrix Potter so we couldn't wait to see it! 

We got there for when it opened at 3pm although the lantern switch on isn't until 4. We spent a bit of time looking around and we also went in and had the 'Artic experience' when we first got there.

I didn't really know what the 'Arctic experience' was to begin with but it was pretty cool. It was 2 minutes long and it was described as 'augmented reality', so we stood in one spot and it super imposed us into the Artic world with whales, penguins and polar bears all around it. They also took pictures throughout and could purchase them or get them emailed for free if you wanted. If you want to see a bit more of the experience, have a look at my Longleat festival of light vlog

We did have a look around the jungle express and saw the penguins which I show more in the video too, but for this post I wanted to focus more on the lights as they aren't there all year round and they really were the best part of the afternoon!

Longleat are celebrating their 50th year so this birthday cake was rather special and looked really effective with all the animals. I can't wait to show the girls these pictures in the future when we're looking back, it seemed really special!

The effort they put into the displays is incredible and it looks amazing looking around when it gets really dark and the lanterns are on. The girls loved looking at them, especially Aria, she was so intrigued and pointing at everything. It really feels magical, especially being in Mr McGregor's garden, we felt like we were in Peter Rabbit's world. I felt like an excited kid!

If you haven't been before, we highly recommend it, we will definitely be booking to go next year.

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